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Get a Fizzle Subscription!

We’re so so so thrilled to announce Radiator Comics’ newest publishing project, Whit Taylor’s minicomic series, Fizzle!

Whit self-published the first two issues which we absolutely loved (more so on each reread), now we’re reprinting them, and preparing to publish Whit’s new third issue this Fall! We’re offering a subscription to the first five issues [prorated if you already have copies of issues 1 and 2]. When we publish the fifth issue, we’ll offer a new subscription for the remaining issues. Subscribers will also enjoy extra items like Fizzle-related zines, stickers and prints!

Thanks so much to everyone who lent to our small business loan! 201 lenders are allowing us to borrow $10,000 to develop a new wholesale small press comics distribution service that will make it easier for shops to order small press titles from publishers! Your support means so much to us!

This Saturday, May 4th, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Come visit our pop-up shop for free comics while supplies last! Our pop-up neighbors will also be presenting workshops and activities for the whole family all day long! We’re at 203 NE 82nd St, Miami, FL 33138, and we’re open 5 days a week through June:
Wed – Fri 11:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 12:00 – 5:00pm

Katherine Brideau, PhD

More Maps More Diversion

Kate Brideau has a new issue of Maps & Diversion, and we’re really excited to have copies for you! Sometimes whimsical, sometimes creepy, sometimes mysteriously analytical, this zine is packed full of strange drawings, graphs, maps, and doodles!

We had a great time at the Chicago Zine Fest this past weekend, and we want to extend a warm thanks to the organizers, attendees, volunteers, friends, buddies, loved ones and pals we got to see this past weekend. We took a total of zero photos, so there’s absolutely no proof we were there. BUT! If you want to see us with your own eyes in Chicago, come out to the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo June 2 & 3! We’ll have awesome comics, and be having a ton of fun back in our old hometown.

Portraits In A City thumbprintIsabella RotmanPortraits In A City thumbprintCaroline Picard

Portraits In A City

This week we’re adding Bobby Sims’ series, Tin Crown to our catalog. These comics – The Affluent Sobriety and Walking Interference focus on young residents in a modern city. Bobby’s storytelling style is flowing, while his drawings are heavily influenced by a rigid design-sense. Check them out!

Also, if you’re in New Orleans, check out NOCAZ this upcoming weekend! It’s a great comics & zine fest at the central library, and features such awesome artists as Ben Passmore, and Isabella Rotman. Ben and Luke Howard are two of NOCAZ’s organizers, so you know it’s going to be great!

PLUS! If you’re in Chicago, TBR @ Gallery 350 is hosting an opening Thursday evening for their art show, Graphic Content, which includes works by Coco Picard! [More info here.]

AND! If you’re in Miami, Neil Brideau will be tabling as Radiator Comics at Miami Flea on Sunday afternoon! Come say hi!

About Cats And Books thumbprintRachel Dukes

About Cats And Books

This week we’ve added two collections! Frankie Comics No’s 1-4 Collected [SPX Special Edition] by Rachel Dukes & Browse, Illustrated Reconstructions of Books Shoppers & Other Bookstore Dwellers by Mike Centeno!

In September, Rachel Dukes teamed up with Silver Sprocket to print a limited-edition collection of the first four issues of Frankie Comics for the Small Press Expo. Rachel sent us some of the remaining stock. The individual issues are out of print (though we have a few copies of no’s 3 & 4 remaining), and Rachel intends to print a more permanent collection in 2018. In the meantime there’s this signed & hand-numbered zine collection that will make the most die-hard dog person a fan of cats.

When he’s not making comics, drawing illustrations, or recording music, Mike Centeno’s day job is at our favorite store (and previous employer), Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago. Mike has collected a series of portraits of “typical” patrons to the store in a fun little zine.

In festival news, we’re finally done unpacking from MICE…and now have to pack up for Short Run! We’ll be in Seattle for this much-praised festival this Saturday, November 4th. So wipe off that Halloween makeup, and come visit us at table F:34! More info here!

Isabella RotmanCaroline PicardMarcos PérezWe are back! thumbprintWe are back! thumbprint

We are back!

I really wish I didn’t have to ever post a “we’re back” announcement on the Radiator Comics website, but here we are! After the whirlwind of a festival CAKE was in June, we almost immediately started packing our bags to move to sunny (and hot and humid) Miami, Florida! And just as we were unpacking our boxes, and getting Radiator back up and running, we had to load up our car, and head north to avoid the historic hurricane Irma! Miami and our tiny corner of it fared very well, and our thoughts are with people in Houston and especially Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands hit hard by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, José and Maria.

We are really happy to be back doing what we love to do, spreading the word about fantastic self-published comics like Isabella Rotman’s latest minicomic, Long Black Veil! Based on a folk song from the 60’s, Isabella has recruited singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs to help put her own unique spin on the murder ballad. Of course it’s a great little nugget from Isabella, and it’s enhanced by an accompanying cover of the song by Jenny, which can be heard/seen on her website here.

The Small Press Expo was last weekend, which marked the start of a busy season for us! Continue reading