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Fizzle No. 1 by Whit Taylor

Fizzle is Nominated For Outstanding Series Ignatz Award!

In celebration of Whit Taylor’s series, Fizzle being nominated for an Ignatz Award, we’re offering free PDF downloads of the first three issues until September 11. Read them here:

Download Fizzle No. 1
Download Fizzle No. 2
Download Fizzle No. 3

If you prefer physical comics over digital ones, you can order copies here:

Purchase Fizzle No. 1
Purchase Fizzle No. 2
Purchase Fizzle No. 3

Or subscribe to the first five issues:
Fizzle Subscription
Subscribers receive new issues before anyone else, get deep discounts on shipping, and exclusive bonus items!

You can vote for the Ignatz Awards!
Register by September 7th here.
See all the nominees here. (Congratulations Ben Passmore, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Isabella Rotman, Melissa Mendes, Sage Coffey, and all the other nominees!)
Watch the Ignatz Awards Ceremony 8:00pm EDT on September 12 on the Small Press Expo YouTube channel.

Introducing Sun and Sand Comic Anthology thumbprintIntroducing Sun and Sand Comic Anthology thumbprint

Introducing Sun and Sand Comic Anthology

We’re so excited to have teamed up with Black Josei Press to publish a free comics anthology featuring comics by South Florida cartoonists about the region, its people, its environment, and its food!

Sun and Sand Comic Anthology was published to coincide with Free Comic Book Day. The physical national event has been postponed, but we’ve published the anthology online today for everyone to read! You can read the comics on the site, or download a PDF, visit

Print copies will be distributed for free later this year to coincide with the rescheduled Free Comic Book Day.

This 28-page anthology features ten new comics by Neil Brideau, P. C. de la Cruz, Jessica Garcia, Jayro Lantigua, Drew Lerman, Isai Oviedo, Miriam Rae-Silver, Jamila Rowser, Estrella Vega, and Carina Vo (cuhreenah)!

The print version was printed by KSY Press, and a portion of the funding was made possible by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation through their Knight Arts Challenge.

Melissa Mendes

Heavier and Heavier

This week we’ve added the seventh chapter of Melissa Mendes’ dramatic series, The Weight. In her introduction, Melissa indicates this is the final chapter in the first book of the series. The whole series is so well crafted, with fine details, sweeping emotion, and an unflinching look at abuse and survival, and Melissa has published a stunning and devastating conclusion to the series’ first act with this issue.

Melissa’s sense of craft isn’t contained within the panels of The Weight either. Each issue is printed using Risogrpah ink on recycled cream paper, which gives the series a weathered feel, which helps place you in the time period of the story. It’s an instance in which the tactile experience enhances the reading experience. You can grab all seven issues here.

We’re Back! thumbprint

We’re Back!

We’re so happy to have completed out travels around the Midwest, and are back in hot and humid Miami! We’re hitting the ground running with a new comic from Sage Coffey, Wine Ghost Gets a Bathbomb! Sage has perfectly distilled the mixed emotions a lot of us feel when they decide to stay in instead of going out, as well as those when one is out, and really just wants to go home.

Well…we would recommend staying in and reading Sage’s new comic! There! We figured it out for you!

Katherine Brideau, PhD

More Maps More Diversion

Kate Brideau has a new issue of Maps & Diversion, and we’re really excited to have copies for you! Sometimes whimsical, sometimes creepy, sometimes mysteriously analytical, this zine is packed full of strange drawings, graphs, maps, and doodles!

We had a great time at the Chicago Zine Fest this past weekend, and we want to extend a warm thanks to the organizers, attendees, volunteers, friends, buddies, loved ones and pals we got to see this past weekend. We took a total of zero photos, so there’s absolutely no proof we were there. BUT! If you want to see us with your own eyes in Chicago, come out to the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo June 2 & 3! We’ll have awesome comics, and be having a ton of fun back in our old hometown.