Yewon Kwon

Yewon Kwon

Yewon Kwon is a printer and publisher currently residing in Chicago. In addition to printing and publishing their own works using risograph, offset, and screen printing, Yewon also curates, edits and prints the collective publication Pallor Pink, and illustrates and performs with Benjamin Kraco with their project GELKHEHT. Yewon is also an aries, manages an instagram of dog paraphernalia, and if they were a professional wrestler, their finisher would be the corkscrew shooting star press.

Chicago Zine Fest 2018

One of the nation’s largest convergences of zinesters! We love it, and we’re thrilled to table here again! We’ll have a bunch of fun zines and a few comics at our table space, but also be sure to check out these other artists Radiator Comics represents:

Isabella Rotman
John Porcellino
Keiler Roberts
Marian Runk

It’s awesome and FREE, so you should go!