Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2019

CXC is a truly magical experience, and we strongly encourage you to make the trip to Columbus! The festival is broken up into two parts (and we dig both)!

September 26 & 27
On Thursday and Friday CXC provides hours of free programming at the Ohio State University Campus. There are workshops, panel discussions, art exhibits, one-on-one interviews and behind-the-scenes tours at the Billy Ireland Library & Museum, screenings and talks at the Wexner Center for the Arts, and Sol-Con, a comics festival focusing on black and brown comics artists at Hale Hall!

Book Fair
September 28 & 29
On Saturday and Sunday, CXC moves downtown for a book fair at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, talks and art exhibits at Columbus College of Art and Design, and Columbus Museum of Art, and more after parties than you can handle!

We’ll be hosting five artists at our table,
Jason Viola!
Marcos Pérez!
Mike Freiheit!
Neil Brideau!
& Sam Sharpe!

The library will be full of great comics artists including,
Ezra Claytan Daniels!
Kevin Czap!
Sarah Becan!
& more to be announced soon!

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2018

Come to Columbus, Ohio for FOUR DAYS of enriching programming, celebratory socializing, and a marketplace of fantastic comics!

Programming on Thursday and Friday take place at The Billy Ireland Collection, Hale Hall, and the Wexner Center for the Arts on the OSU campus. It includes Sol-Con, the Brown & Black Comics Expo; a slate of academic programming; and workshops and artist talks!
Tabling and programming on Saturday and Sunday take place at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus Museum of Art, and Columbus College of Art and Design.

Radiator Comics will be tabling on Saturday and Sunday [staffed by Neil], hosting Marcos Pérez & Vicko Alvarez!

In addition to our table, a number of the artists we represent will be tabling on their own, including…
Cara Bean!
Dave Ortega!
Iona Fox!
John Porcellino!
!!SPECIAL GUEST Keiler Roberts! SPECIAL GUEST!! [Sat. Only]
Kevin Czap!
Leila Abdelrazaq!
Mike Freiheit!
Penina Gal!
Whit Taylor!

Dave will be a guest of Sol-Con!

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2016

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus is an amazing multi-faceted, 4-day festival celebrating comics in all its forms! It’s a complex web of different events connected by subject matter, but investigating it from different angles: SOL*CON is an expo of comics artists who are African-American and Latino, there’s a two-day academic conference, there are intimate talks, and panel discussions, and two days of tabling. Radiator Comics will be tabling at CXC on Saturday and Sunday! Come say hi to Ben Passmore, Cara Bean, and Neil Brideau (maybe more!) at the Radiator Comics table!

Look for these artists Radiator Comics Distributes tabling on their own:
Kevin Czap!
Whit Taylor!

We recommend attending as much of Thursday and Friday’s programming as you can! If you like comics you should come to Columbus for this weekend! Take time off of work! Seriously!

The following schedule is taken from the CXC website:

Thursday, October 13 and Friday, October 14
Events take place at Ohio State University campus, including the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, Hale Hall and the Wexner Center For The Arts.

CXC hosts a two-day academic conference, the Billy Ireland exhibits, a celebration of excellence and diversity in comics at SOL*Con, a professional development track including a new round of our peer to peer “Talk And Teach” presentations, multiple receptions, a presentation on animation and an evening in conversation with a major comics-making talent.

Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16
Events take place at Columbus Metropolitan Library, with major satellite events at the Columbus Museum Of Art (CMA) and Columbus College Of Art & Design (CCAD).

CXC will host its Expo And Marketplace in the heart of the beautiful new library facility, public panel presentations, a presentation by this year’s Thurber Prize recipient, and a Saturday night focused around a major comics-making talent and accompanying exhibition.