Lara Antal

Lara Antal

Lara Antal is an illustrator and cartoonist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal among others, and if you dine out in NYC, you might have seen one of her infamous choking victim posters hanging on the wall. She is co-creator of the Ringo-nominated series, Tales of the Night Watchman, and her first graphic novel is slated for publication by Abrams ComicArts in 2022.

Jess Ruliffson

Jess Ruliffson is an award-winning cartoonist. In 2017, her comic I Trained to Fight The Enemy was shortlisted for Slate’s Cartoonist Studio Prize. Her comics have appeared in BuzzFeed, The Nib, and The Oxford American, among other outlets. She teaches at the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, FL and The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Funhouse Interactive Book Fair 2018

On the weekend of March 24 – 25, Desert Island and The Drawing Center will present FUNHOUSE, a new, interactive book fair at which guests can make their own books in collaboration with resident cartoonists and illustration artists. Ben Passmore and Whit Taylor will be featured resident cartoonists!

FUNHOUSE artists include: Gabrielle Bell, Lilli Carré, Rob Corradetti, Joanna Fields, Laura Perez-Harris, Abby Jame, Jeff Ladouceur, Sarah Lammer, Gary Lieb, Richard McGuire, Oskars Pavlovskis, Monica Ramos, Jim Schleussler, R. Sikoryak, Matthew Thurber, Thu Tran, Mark Wang, Kriota Wilberg, Kelsey Wroten, Gina Wynbrandt, and JooHee Yoon.

Slide show talks will run concurrently with the book-making.

FUNHOUSE is organized by Gabe Fowler of Desert Island and Molly Gross of The Drawing Center.

Admission is $10