Small businesses, librarians, educators, and educational institutions are among those eligible for wholesale accounts. If you’re unsure of your eligibility, please fill out the application, and we’ll be in touch with you. If you are an individual purchasing comics for your enjoyment, you are NOT eligible for a wholesale account. Once your account has been approved you will receive an account number.


Wholesale customers receive a 40% discount on orders for their businesses. A minimum of $20 (retail) must be met in order to receive the 40% discount.


Wholesale customers can order through both Radiator Comics’ website or via email. Radiator Comics will issue a net-30 invoice.


Any damaged items must be reported within 10 business days of receiving an order.


Radiator Comics currently charges a flat $5.00 shipping and handling fee for all orders. Any shipping costs beyond $5.00 are covered by Radiator Comics. Wholesale customers are responsible for the initial $5.00 associated with orders and all shipping costs related to returns. Radiator Comics is responsible for for shipping costs associated with correcting damaged orders.


Items purchased with a wholesale account are intended for resale by businesses at Radiator Comics’ suggested retail prices, or for educational purposes in venues such as libraries and schools. Wholesale customers agree not to resell Radiator Comics’ titles at a wholesale discount.


  • Whole returns of comics in sellable condition are accepted at any time. DO NOT strip the covers of the comics. Stripped covers will not be accepted.
  • Radiator Comics must be notified of returns before they are shipped to us. You must provide Radiator Comics with a tracking number so both Radiator Comics and your business can track the return as it is shipped.
  • A packing slip must be included in the shipment listing the invoice number from which the comics were initially sent. The buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping returns to Radiator Comics.
  • Radiator Comics will notify you as soon as we receive the return, and will reimburse your business the wholesale price of the comics within 10 days of receiving the return.

Radiator Comics reserves the rights to change these terms, at any time. Radiator Comics will make every effort to notify all wholesale customers of any changes to these terms.

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