CAKE 2015

This is the fourth annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo [CAKE]! It’s our home-town show, in fact Neil, along with Marnie Galloway and Jeff Zwirek are core organizers of the festival (Grace Tran is a former organizer), and Isabella Rotman is one of the promotions coordinators (and will be exhibiting), so it’s very close to Radiator’s heart.

We will be debuting our first book at CAKE, a collection of Caroline Picard’s Chronicles of Fortune!

We’re also excited CAKE will be hosting a bunch of other Radiator artists:
Aaron Renier
Cara Bean
Georgia Webber
Kenan Rubenstein
Jeremy Tinder
Jessica Campbell
John Porcellino
Leslie Perrine
Liz Prince
Marian Runk
Mike Freiheit
Nate Beaty
Penina Gal
Sam Sharpe
Sarah Becan
& Trubble Club