Small Press Expo 2016

Alternative Comics’ annual sleep-away camp, SPX is great fun for exhibitors, attendees and volunteers alike! Radiator Comics is excited to be tabling once again!

We’ll be at table H6! The table will be staffed by Neil Brideau, and will feature Ben Passmore, Marian Runk, and Whit Taylor! We’re really thrilled to host these three amazing artists. You will definitely want to plan a visit at our table to meet Whit, Marian and Ben (Neil’s okay too I guess), and pick up their comics!

SPX will be brimming with artists we represent at other tables too, including:

Alec Longstreth & Greg Means
Tables N1 & N2

Andrea Tsurumi
Table E7

Cartoon Picayune
Table N4

Isabella Rotman
Table C14b

Jeff Zwirek & Mike Freiheit
Table H7

Jen Tong
Table B8b

Jessica Campbell
Tables W10 & W11a

Jon Chad
Table M5

Keiler Roberts
Table H8a

Kevin Czap
Table W8

Melissa Mendes
Table E8

Miranda Harmon
Tables F2b & F3

Penina Gal
Table F4

Rachel Dukes
Table M4b

Reid Psaltis
Tables A6 & A7

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club
Table M1

Congratulations to Keiler Roberts whose Powdered Milk was nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Series!

Whit Taylor will also be exhibiting at table W28 for portions of SPX.