Cartoon Crossroads Columbus 2018

Come to Columbus, Ohio for FOUR DAYS of enriching programming, celebratory socializing, and a marketplace of fantastic comics!

Programming on Thursday and Friday take place at The Billy Ireland Collection, Hale Hall, and the Wexner Center for the Arts on the OSU campus. It includes Sol-Con, the Brown & Black Comics Expo; a slate of academic programming; and workshops and artist talks!
Tabling and programming on Saturday and Sunday take place at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus Museum of Art, and Columbus College of Art and Design.

Radiator Comics will be tabling on Saturday and Sunday [staffed by Neil], hosting Marcos PĂ©rez & Vicko Alvarez!

In addition to our table, a number of the artists we represent will be tabling on their own, including…
Cara Bean!
Dave Ortega!
Iona Fox!
John Porcellino!
!!SPECIAL GUEST Keiler Roberts! SPECIAL GUEST!! [Sat. Only]
Kevin Czap!
Leila Abdelrazaq!
Mike Freiheit!
Penina Gal!
Whit Taylor!

Dave will be a guest of Sol-Con!