Small Press Expo 2018

Thousands of comics makers and thousands of comics readers descend on an unsuspecting convention hotel in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. for a weekend to remember!

Radiator Comics will be tabling for our fourth year, and we’re really excited to welcome to our table…
Coco Picard!
Iona Fox!
Luke Howard!
Whit Taylor!
Yewon Kwon!
and Neil Brideau!

A parade of artists Radiator Comics represents will be tabling on their own too, including…
Ann Xu!
Jeff Zwirek!
Jon Chad!
Keiler Roberts!
Kevin Czap!
Mike Centeno!
Miranda Harmon!
Penina Gal!
Rachel Dukes!
& Sage Coffey!

Keiler & Whit will be on a panel at 3:30PM on Saturday:
Writing About Bipolar
As mental health is becoming a subject that’s more openly discussed than ever, comics narratives are emerging about personal experiences with mental illness. Moderator Rob Clough will discuss with Lawrence Lindell (Couldn’t Afford Therapy, So I Made This), Ellen Forney (Rock Steady), Keiler Roberts (Chlorine Gardens) and Whit Taylor (Updown Clown) about their own or a family member’s struggles with Bipolar Disorder, the choices they make in writing about it, and how this process affects how they look at it.

Whit and Ben will be on a panel at 2:00pm on Sunday:
On The Ground: Reportage & Narrative
Comics journalism often takes the form of the cartoonist being on site as they report directly on what they see and hear, often in explosive or dangerous situations. Moderator Chris Mautner joins comics journalists Ben Passmore (Fighting For A Better History), Sophie Yanow (War Of Streets And Houses), Whit Taylor (Finding Your Roots) and Josh Kramer (The Cartoon Picayune) as they discuss the storytelling and journalistic decisions they have to make in creating a narrative, striking a balance between advocacy and objectivity, and the ways in which the time lag between observation and publication can create a new perspective.