Small Press Expo 2022

Find Radiator Comics at Table i9! We’re hosting Catalina Rufin, Dave Ortega, Sam Sharpe, and as always the table will be staffed by Neil Brideau! We’re debuting Viewotron No. 2 by Sam and Peach S Goodrich, and we’ll be highlighting Dave’s beautiful debut graphic novel, Días de Consuelo! We’ll also be celebrating Catalina’s self-published comics and The How Well? Anthology!

There are SO MANY cartoonists whose comics we distribute that will be tabling at SPX, it would be ridiculous to list them all!

Jen Tong will wow you at Table B13 • Rebecca Schuchat’s comics (and we assume person) will be at Table C6 • Alec Longstreth & Greg Means are the power-couple at Table D2 • Leda Zawacki’s got some fun comics at Table D6 • You can’t stop Heide Solbrig at Table F12 • Lara Antal will floor you at Table G12 • What mysteries lie at Table H1? Only Bulgilhan Press (featuring Molly Mendoza & Jesse Lonergan) Knows! • The Silver Sprocket Circus (which includes Caroline Cash, Benji Nate & Michael Sweater) will land on Tables J1+2 • And Jenn Woodall’s not too far at Table J3 • And Isabella Rotman’s right next door at Table J4 • Retrofit/Big Planet fits right in at Table K1 • Mercedes Campos López will knock your socks off at Table K10 • Black Josei Press is hosting Jamila Rowser & Robyn Smith at Table K9 • L. Nichols & K Czap are Leying the Lines down at Table L13 • Mattie Lubchanky are raising hell at Table L9 • Rumi Hara debuts a new comic at Table M12 • Dave Baker’s making you drool at Table M7 • Filipa Estrela will get glitter over EVERYTHING at Table N11 • You’ll find a new hope for humanity at Sunmi’s Table W2 • Julia Gootzeit won’t take “no” for an answer at Table W4 • Audra Stang and Kristin Ousley will be neighbors at table W17 • Nicholas Offerman will talk baseball with you at Table W20 • Ellen Lindner will talk baseball with you at Table W63 • Does Sara Shaw like baseball? Ask her at Table W21 • Birdcage Bottom Books will feature Desmond Reed (among others) at Table W61 • Mike Freiheit’s gonna be dancing at the Kilgore Books Table W62 • Lillie J. Harris, Cuyler Keating and Kit Anderson are making too much noise at Table W82! • We’d also encourage you to visit our friends, Ben Cherry at Table B12, Eva Carrillo at Table W41, Maamoul Press at Table A4, Paper Rocket Minicomics at Table L8, and AdHouse Books & Kurt Ankeny at Tables W47+48+49!

Woof! That’s so many! Hey! Did we mention Michael Sweater & Benji Nate (and Silver Sprocket), Jamila Rowser (and Black Josei Press), Jesse Lonergan (and Bulgilhan Press), K Czap (and Czap Books), L. Nichols (and Grindstone Comics), Rumi Hara, AND Trinidad Escobar were all nominated for Ignatz Awards, and that you should request a ballot (voting ends September 14)??!!

Time to talk about talking! SPX has HOURS of overlapping programming, including (but not limited to)…
Robyn Smith will chat with Mae Weinstein, Rebecca Mock, Dick Carroll, and Lucie Bryon on the panel Narrative Threads: When It Comes To Storylines, Clothing Matters Saturday, Noon, White Oak Room.
Filipa Estrela & Ivy Allie will run the workshop, Become a Zine Machine at the Rad Zine Zone!, Saturday 4pm, Glen Echo Room
Audra Stang is on the panel, Fictionalizing Reality with Jules Bakes Jarad Greene, Joris Bas Backer, and Coco Fox Sunday, 12:30pm White Oak Room
L. Nichols moderates Trans Identities in Fantasy and Fictional Storytelling, with Casey Nowak, Andi Santagata, Bread Tarleton, and Tommi Parrish Sunday 1:30pm White Oak Room
Rumi Hara & Kit Anderson will be on the panel, Magical Realism, with Daryl Seitchik, Gabrielle Bell, moderated by Rob Clough, Sunday 4pm White Flint Auditorium