From Rags to (TV) Pitches, The Winding Road from Indie Publishing to Commercial “Success”

NY Times bestselling comic artist Kate Beaton and her husband, novelist Morgan Murray (hailed as the “Canadian Vonnegut”) join acclaimed husband/wife kid lit creators Matthew Swanson and Robbi Behr in a conversation about their various journeys from independent/self-publishing to working with traditional publishers.

Discussion will include: 1) brief career arcs of all four creators 2) the pros and cons of independent vs. commercial publishing, 3) dreams versus what it’s actually like to make art for a living, 4) the thrills and challenges of making art (and babies!) with (or alongside) a fellow creator spouse, and 5) the strange fact that all four panelists own and/or live in a barn.

There will be some talking and then some Q&A.

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