Hands On: Intro to Inking with Japanese Dip Pens with Koyuki Panda

Koyuki Panda will go over the basics of using traditional dip pens for inking manga, such as the different nib types, how to care for them, and other important resources. The presentation will include a demonstration on how she inks with these tools.

Gigi Murakami, also known as Koyuki Panda is an American freelance illustrator and manga (comic) creator. She specializes in mixed media ink illustrations and manga art. Influenced by horror & science fiction, mainstream and cult films, Japanese manga art masters, such as Katsuhiro Otomo, and her own experiences as a Black woman in America–her aim is to combine her tastes and beliefs to produce provocative, yet relatable illustrations and manga that speak to current day-to-day and societal issues.

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