The Inaugural Great Chicago Fire Festival

Radiator Comics is honored to have been selected as one of thirty vendors at Redmoon Theater’s inaugural Great Chicago Fire Festival!

The Festival brings together Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods to the main branch of the Chicago river, and celebrates the city’s grit, greatness and renewal. Giant photographs strung between vendor kiosks will tell stories of how Chicagoans overcome adversity and celebrate life.

The pre-show bazaar (where we’ll be slinging comic books) starts at 3pm, and activities on the river will begin around 6. At 8 special guest fire marshals will drop cauldrons of fire into the chicago river and the spectacle (the type Redmoon has become famous for) will begin with towering infernos, fire spewing musical instruments and wild performances!

It’s a site to behold, and Radiator’s excited to have a front-row seat. Confirmed Radiator artists who will be in attendance at the Kiosk include Marnie Galloway (with her brand new volume of In the Sounds and Seas!), Jeff Zwirek (with his appropriately themed Burning Building Comix), and Sam Sharpe (whose Viewotron No. 2 has been nominated for several awards and will be featured in this year’s Best American Comics).