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Neighbors: Dale Zine

Radiator Comics’ Neil Brideau will interview Lillian Banderas and Steve Saiz about Dale Zine! Learn about their past, present, and future, and how you can be involved in the zine scene!

Dale Zine, established 2009 in Miami, is an independent printer and publisher with the goal of giving a platform to multimedia artists and designers. With humble beginnings as a zine collaboration about Garfield, Dale has broadened into something of an open cultural space for the Miami community, with offerings ranging from all- age zine workshops to an independent radio show, pop-up events, and most recently a storefront in Downtown Miami. Collaborations of note include those with Tim Biskup, Matt Furie, Legowelt, Friendswithyou, to name just a few of over 75 titles and counting. You can find Dale Zine’s work in Miami, Tokyo, LA, New York, Beijing and online at

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