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Acquisitions Services

Radiator Comics makes building your special collection easy.

The unique nature of hand-made media makes self-published comics and graphic novels invaluable additions to libraries and educational collections. The do-it-yourself production and distribution of these titles also make them very difficult to acquire. Many self-publishers and small presses can not accommodate the needs of institutional acquisitions departments, like professional invoices or EIN’s. The unpredictability of ordering, receiving and invoicing from tons of self-publishers is enough to make any acquisitions department’s head explode.

Radiator Comics’ acquisitions services offer a concentrated source for ordering, invoicing and shipping self-published comics.

Acquisitions customers place orders for titles they seek through Radiator Comics because they know they can rely on our decade of experience within the self-publishing and comics communities. Radiator Comics takes on the labor of tracking down comics artists, ordering, receiving, and paying multiple sources. Radiator Comics bundles the comics we order for you, and ships them with a single, simple invoice.

For more information on our acquisitions services, contact Neil at Radiator Comics.