a brown bird delivering three packages


Distribution is one of the toughest aspects of self-publishing. It takes hours of outreach to get attention from potential readers or stores. That’s time spent by cartoonists away from their drawing boards. We take on some of that burden so comics makers can spend more time making comics! By concentrating hundreds of self-published and small press titles in our catalog, individuals, shops, and libraries can find their next favorite comic more easily.

a panda packing up a comics orderMost days you’ll find us jumping on our bicycle to ride to our storage unit to pack up new orders. Then it’s off to the post office where we hand-off our carefully-packed shipments, and pick up more comics from cartoonists. Then it’s back to our computer to post on social media and our newsletter about the awesome comics we just got!

We table at events whenever possible, often hosting cartoonists whose work we distribute. From time to time, we’ve had the chance to run pop-up shops, allowing people to come to us for a change!

If you are interested in having your comics distributed by Radiator Comics, check out our Distribution Submissions Page.

If you’d like to know what stores we distribute to, visit our Radiator Comics in Stores Page.