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Cara’s Comics Can Help!

Everyone’s comics buddy, Cara Bean, is back with two new comics designed to help you!

Why Draw? investigates both why you should draw, and how to overcome any fears you might have about drawing!

Snake Pit explores adolescent depression and suicide with information that will help readers understand it, and deal with it in healthy ways.

Both comics are drawn with love and caring, and compliment each other really well!

If you are in New York City this weekend, check out Comic Arts Brooklyn! It features tons of amazing comics artists including Whit Taylor, Marnie Galloway, Mike Freiheit, Mike Centeno, Jen Tong, Jessica Campbell, and Kevin Czap!

If you’re in South Florida this weekend, check out the Small Press Fair in Ft. Lauderdale, where Neil Brideau will be tabling as Radiator Comics in their Zine Dunes section!

Marnie Galloway
Particle/Wave by Marnie Galloway


Marnie Galloway’s newest set of comics focus a lot on the connections between family members, and between humans and our natural world. Marnie has been very busy, exploring these themes and publishing FOUR new titles as she became a new mother. We are very proud to present to you her latest comics, which debuted last weekend at the St. Louis Small Press Expo, and Cartoon Crossroads Columbus!

Particle/Wave was published by So What? Press this fall. This is a split minicomic (a story on each side of the publication, each heading toward the center), featuring stories that each revolve around family and the moon. These very personal stories are sober and touching.

Burrow was self-published by Marnie, and focuses on similar themes of familial connections, animal instincts, and their intersection with modern living. But Burrow was written after her son’s birth, whereas Particle/Wave was written before. There is a sense of mystery in one of the stories in Particle/Wave that is replaced by knowledge and wonder in Burrow.

Marnie produced a companion zine to Burrow, called Nest. Which connects to the themes of family well. We hope you enjoy and contemplate Marnie’s new titles as much as we have. We are grateful to Marnie for letting us distribute such strong comics.

We would like to send a huge shout out to the organizers of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, and congratulate them on an amazing second year of a unique comics festival. We highly recommend everyone reading this to attend CXC 2017 (September 28 – October 1)! Special thanks to Cara Bean for joining us at the Radiator Comics table. If you are in Boston at the end of the month, she’ll be at our table at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) along with Kenan Rubenstein, and she’ll be doing work with their slate of programming and workshops that were announced last week!

Melissa MendesMarian RunkMarnie Galloway
Beaches, Bars, and Birds by Marian Runk

Life Lived in Pictures

This week we add two great new titles by two great comics artists!

The fourth chapter of Melissa Mendes’ The Weight is now available! Borrowing memorable moments from her grandfather’s life, Melissa crafts the life of tom-boy Edie as she deals with problems at home, and mischief at school. Melissa captures small moments of both sorrow and joy with an amazing attention to detail.

Marian Runk’s collection of sketches, Beaches, Bars and Birds is a wonderful assortment of observations from her life. Sources of inspiration include a cruise in the Mediterranean, drinking alone at bars, and watching birds!

Missouri! Ohio! This weekend there are some great events you’ll want to visit if you can! Continue reading

Dispatches from Gainesville

We are wicked thrilled to add new comics by Cara Bean! Cara’s spent the last year studying at the Sequential Artist Workshop in Gainesville, Florida, sharpening her skills, and her new titles show it!

We’ve got a new issue of Cara’s amazing series Gorilla Year, which continues to dance the line between memoir and poetry.

Brand new from Cara are some fantastic kids comics revolving around a little caterpillar named Munch. They’re simple yet unbelievably charming.

I can’t speak fondly enough of Cara’s comics, so carrying her work through radiator is a real honor. Happy birthday to me!

Georgia WebberSqueaky Noises
Dumb No. 1 by Georgia Webber


Radiator Comics welcomes our first international artist this week. Georgia Webber lives in Toronto, and makes some really amazing comics about her throat injury and her subsequent inability to speak. We’ve got all five issues of Dumb, and look forward to carrying future issues as well! If you’re in Montreal this weekend, you can say hi to Georgia at Expozine.
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