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Marcos Pérez

Today is the Awesome!

Today we welcome Marcos Pérez and his super sick character, Carl to Radiator Comics!

When I started self-publishing comics, Marcos’ minis were extremely influential to me. The two series he published simultaneously could not have been more different. Tear-Stained Make Up was a serialized drama of love, depression, and Basque independence in a very real New York City. Carl is the Awesome was a gag-a-minute goof-ball comic about an awesome dinosaur named Carl who won breakdance competitions, and got all the ladies.

Marcos’ ability to tell tales in two polarized ways opened my eyes to the breadth and depth self-published comics had to offer. Marcos’ comics production has slowed a bit, since the birth of his son, but I’m excited I can help get his epic, Carls Large Story out in the world. If you dig a fun and silly story with tons of energy, I strongly recommend this comic. It is the awesome!