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Dave Ortega

A New Issue For The New Year!

We’re starting the new year right by adding the third issue of Dave Ortega’s intimate and riveting biographical series, Dias De Consuelo to our catalog! Comprising of stories told to Dave by his Abuela, Consuelo Castañon Herrera, Dias De Consuelo is an amazing look into a civil war fought a century ago! It’s been very exciting to read the series as each issue has been released. Already, our appetite for the next chapter has begun to rumble, and we’re always happy to see Dave’s updates on social media about it.

Give yourself a New Years present, pick up all three current issues now!

Sarah BecanDave Ortega

Culinary Tourism

Hey! We’re posting early this week because we’re about to go on vacation!

Speaking of vacation, Sarah Becan’s Stockholm is Sauceome is all about her travels to Sweden’s capital, and all the amazing foods she ate there. If you’re not familiar with Sarah’s foodtastic webcomic, I Think You’re Sauceome, you’ve been missing out on recipes, jokes, food lessons, and powerful reflections on culture, friendship and body image (though, I guess the magic of the internet is that you can go read them all right now).

Sarah’s drawings of food are so delectable, even vegans will crave the omnivorous dishes she documents. Stockholm is Sauceome is a treat from cover to cover, whether Sarah’s talking about the food she and her partner, Niles ate, the sights they saw, or the social differences between the US and Sweden.

We’re posting this on Sunday because we want to give you a couple days to order Stockholm is Sauceome (or anything else for that matter). Any order placed after noon on Tuesday, August 2 will be shipped out on Friday, August 12…I guess you could imagine your order is being imported from Sweden.

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Dave Ortega

Ever since we finished reading the first issue of Dave Ortega’s Dias De Consuelo, we’ve been waiting for issue two, and now we have it!

Dave’s storytelling is intimate and his drawings are full of life, and before you know it, you’re anxiously anticipating issue three! Dave’s been posting peeks on social media of pages and panels if you’re as big a fan as we are. Meanwhile, pick up the first two issues of Dave’s portrait of his grandmother’s childhood during the Mexican Revolution!

This past weekend we set up shop at the Pitchfork Music Festival, and we had a blast! We’d like to thank the organizers of Coterie Chicago for organizing the marketplace, to our neighbors Cities in Dust & Kokorokoko, Rhymes with Twee, Resketch, and Nice Lena for making us feel welcome. Also big thanks to Jeff Zwirek & Isabella Rotman for helping staff our table! Currently, our next scheduled event will be the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD in September, followed by RIPE in Providence…See you around!

Dave Ortega

Poor Mexico…

Bien Vestido is a new micropress, run by Jarod Roselló, dedicated to printing comics and zines by Latinx comics artists and writers! We were really excited to hear about this new press, and then super excited that one of their first titles was going to be a zine by Dave Ortega!

Poor Mexico is a biting zine about colonial perspectives on Mexico and its citizens. This zine collects sketches Dave drew based on research for his comics and art projects between 2011 and 2015. It’s simultaneously sarcastic and sincere, and worth picking up!

Dave Ortega
knife BY dave ortega

De Las Casas

We’re excited and honored to be able to carry Dave Ortega’s powerful zine, De Las Casas. It debuted at east-coast comics and zine fests this spring, but now it’s available to those of us in fly-over country and beyond. Dave breathes new life into a text that is over 400 years old, but still important. The writings of Dominican Friar, Bartolomé De Las Casas, who lived most of his life in the newly settled western hemisphere, document the genocidal atrocities Spanish invaders inflicted upon the indigenous people of “the new world.” Dave takes an excerpt from De Las Casas’ writings, illustrates them, and presents them to you in a zine.

De Las Casas takes this historical text out of the context of history, and by publishing it in a living media like a zine -you know the person who wrote and drew this version handled the copy you hold in your hands- takes the genocide of the americas out of history and back into reality. Because of its content, it’s a difficult zine to read, but because of its content it’s an important zine to read.