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Dirty Hands by David Alvarado

Teenage Memories

David Alvarado is an accomplished illustrator, and has a knack for writing short stories. We’re excited to welcome him and his comics to Radiator this week! Check out his sketchbook, Dirty Hands, and both volumes of Life Is Beautiful, in which he tells tales of awkward situations involving sketchy characters!

This weekend Radiator Comics will be in Colorado for DINK, Denver’s independent comic and art festival! We’ll have comics by Bobby Sims, Coco Picard, Danielle O’Malley, Isabella Rotman, Jaclyn Miller, Leila Abdelrazaq, Luke Howard, Marnie Galloway, Penina Gal, Neil Brideau, Sage Coffey, Sam Sharpe, Sarah Becan, and Whit Taylor!

Alec Longstreth is a featured guest at DINK, and he’ll be presenting a CCS one-page comics workshop with Beth Hetland on Saturday at 3:00pm!

Mike Freiheit will be at DINK, drawing your dad as Batman!

Neil Brideau will be on a panel about small press publishing, called Make The Art You Want To See on Saturday at 2:15pm!

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