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Game Over thumbprint
Jon and Alec

Game Over

When Jon Chad and Alec Longstreth decided to start a pinball-related zine, they agreed to produce seven issues (I think so Alec could create a “dream machine” for each of the Harry Potter books). Radiator Comics now holds copies of the seventh and final issue of Drop Target Zine. Every issue has had its own theme, and appropriately, this issue is about pinball’s future. Less is the focus on pinball technology (though there is a cool interview about some pinball innovations), but it’s more about keeping pinball vibrant, inviting and fun so more and more people will get into the game.

Drop Target Zine has definitely made me more interested in pinball, now I notice machines in bars, and am far more into throwing a couple quarters into them and playing a few games (poorly). Alec and Jon’s enthusiasm for whatever they’re into is unparalleled, and very infectious. Thanks to Jon and Alec for spreading the pinball gospel.

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Alec LongstrethJon Chad
Drop Target Zine by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth


We’ve got Alec Longstreth’s comics!
We’ve got Jon Chad’s comics!
NOW…we’ve got DROP TARGET, a zine all about pinball co-authored by Jon Chad AND Alec Longstreth!
The nerdy enthusiasm and the exuberant attention to the mechanics of how a game is played and built is at pinball wizard-levels here, friends. If you haven’t checked this zine out, you really should, it’ll make you want to spend all your laundry quarters at the nearest bar or arcade, or wherever the heck there’s a pinball machine!

Happy Holidays!

Hey! We’re in the middle of that annual exercise in treasuring those closest to us…if for no other reason than their body heat (it’s COLD out!). I want to wish everyone a great holiday season, and very happy New Year! Radiator Comics turned five-months old yesterday, and it’s been a ton of fun so far. Thanks for a great time to all the folks we’ve met at Redmoon events, or Youth Library Services workshops, or online via orders, emails tweets and, Facebook-thumby-things. 2015 is going to be a really exciting year.

We’re gonna be away from our comics for a couple days, so any order placed this week will ship on Saturday, December 27.