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Georgia Webber
Dumb No. 1 + 2 by Georgia Webber

Georgia’s Voice

This week we’re happy to announce that we have replenished our supply of Georgia Webber’s comic series, Dumb! We’re excited to carry the continuation of Georgia’s series with issues six, seven and eight! Plus, we have copies of the Retrofit/Big Planet double-issue reprint of No’s one and two!

Dumb is a really powerfully rendered story of living with a disability, and we’re honored to carry all eight issues (two more to come!). In addition to the comics, Georgia uses Dumb as an interdisciplinary examination of voice, with essays and other media investigations. You can check it out at http://georgiasdumbproject.com

Georgia WebberSqueaky Noises
Dumb No. 1 by Georgia Webber


Radiator Comics welcomes our first international artist this week. Georgia Webber lives in Toronto, and makes some really amazing comics about her throat injury and her subsequent inability to speak. We’ve got all five issues of Dumb, and look forward to carrying future issues as well! If you’re in Montreal this weekend, you can say hi to Georgia at Expozine.
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