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Culinary Tourism

Hey! We’re posting early this week because we’re about to go on vacation!

Speaking of vacation, Sarah Becan’s Stockholm is Sauceome is all about her travels to Sweden’s capital, and all the amazing foods she ate there. If you’re not familiar with Sarah’s foodtastic webcomic, I Think You’re Sauceome, you’ve been missing out on recipes, jokes, food lessons, and powerful reflections on culture, friendship and body image (though, I guess the magic of the internet is that you can go read them all right now).

Sarah’s drawings of food are so delectable, even vegans will crave the omnivorous dishes she documents. Stockholm is Sauceome is a treat from cover to cover, whether Sarah’s talking about the food she and her partner, Niles ate, the sights they saw, or the social differences between the US and Sweden.

We’re posting this on Sunday because we want to give you a couple days to order Stockholm is Sauceome (or anything else for that matter). Any order placed after noon on Tuesday, August 2 will be shipped out on Friday, August 12…I guess you could imagine your order is being imported from Sweden.

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