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Marnie Galloway
In The Sounds And Seas by Marnie Galloway

A Journey’s End

PEOPLE! Marnie Galloway’s visually stunning, and emotionally powerful epic wordless young-adult comic series, IN THE SOUNDS AND SEAS is complete! We’ve been counting down the days until we could put the third and final volume of Marnie’s series up on the site! And now it’s here! It’s a real nail-biter and tearjerker. I literally gasped at least once when reading this comic.

A big congratulations to Marnie for completing this series! No small feat on its own, Marnie completed In the Sounds and Seas while renovating her new home, and is weeks away from becoming a mother! We’re honored to include Marnie’s awesome titles in our catalog, and even more honored to consider her a close friend.

What are you waiting for?! Grab a copy of In the Sounds and Seas vol 3 today!

If you order this or any other title through February 14th, we will include a free love- or friendship-themed Loaded Blanks Card.

Marnie GallowayJeff ZwirekLeslie PerrineGrace TranJason ViolaKatherine Brideau, PhD
The Love Particle by Sam Sharpe

Chicago’s Finest

This week Radiator’s honored to add a new comic from three of Chicago’s comics stars! Marnie Galloway’s long-awaited second volume of her three-part graphic novel, In the Sounds And Seas is here! Sam Sharpe collects previously published stories of love and life in The Love Particle! Jeff Zwirek’s releases the sixth issue of his one-man anthology, Black Star, collecting both previously published, and brand new comix!

Coincidentally, Marnie, Sam, and Jeff, along with Leslie Perrine and Grace Tran will be featured artists at Radiator Comics’ kiosk at the Great Chicago Fire Festival, this Saturday! Continue reading