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Mike FreiheitJeff Zwirek

How Rude!

This week we’ve added two new comics for “mature” audiences by two local bad-boys, Jeff Zwirek and Mike Freiheit!

Go Fuck Myself collects autobiographical self-loathing comics by Mike on brightly colored paper! Marvel as his lizard brain obscures any rational thought! Watch as everyone in his life becomes frustrated with him…even his own legs?! Through the wacky self-hate, Mike investigates issues of depression in a collection of disarming and funny comics.

You would think with a title like Go Fuck Myself, Mike’s comic would be the more vulgar of the two…YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

Stand-Up Comic No. 1 by Jeff features a sad, suicidal comedian who doesn’t hold back on letting his life spill into his comedy routine. If you like family friendly jokes, run! You wont find them here.

We hope that you have a happy holiday week this Thursday, and are able to spend it with friends, family, or working to make the world a better place. We will be away from the Radiator Comics office until Tuesday, November 29. Please feel free to place orders while we’re away. We’ll get them out the door as quickly as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Jeff ZwirekMarian RunkMike Freiheit

Upcoming Events!

We don’t have a new comic for you this week, but we spent some time updating our EVENTS page! You can use it find Radiator Comics and the artists we represent at events around the country. It’s still pretty early in the year, so the number of events and their details will fill out throughout the year, so be sure to check it frequently. And what’s this?! Radiator Comics will be at an event this Wednesday?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
6:00pm – 11:00pm
at Emporium Logan Square
2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL!
Marian Runk & Jeff Zwirek will be joining us behind the Radiator table, and Mike Freiheit will be tabling at his own table space!
Radiator Pack! art by Andrea Tsurumi
This Thursday, we’ll be shipping out January’s Radiator Packs! You still have time to sign up to get a mystery bundle of exciting new comics!

Melissa MendesCaroline PicardCathy HannahJeff Zwirek

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

This week we add two very different publications, both from the super-talented Melissa Mendes!

Can’t Lose, is a fanzine Melissa put together for her and her friends to profess their love for the television show, Friday Night Lights. It’s a fun collective love-letter to the high school football drama, featuring everything from speculative fiction to a scrap book of RJ Casey’s FNL-themed wedding proposal.

The Weight is a depression-era story based on the childhood of Melissa’s grandfather, Jack. We’re honored to be carrying the first chapter of what promises to be Melissa’s biggest and most impressive project to date. The Weight is full of the small patient detail that makes Melissa’s Freddy Stories so endearing. You can read it online as she is drawing it at http://www.mmmendes.com/partone/, and you can support her directly by giving to her Patreon account.

This weekend is CAKE! The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo! Stop by Radiator’s table, No. 52B. Caroline Picard will be staffing the table with all of her Fortuna minis (including THREE NEW ONES?!?!!!??!). Cathy Hannah will also be at the table from 2:00 – 3:00pm each day, and Jeff Zwirek is also planning to make an appearance (TBD). There are 16 other exhibitors that Radiator distributes, and four of the CAKE core staff members are distributed by Radiator. It’s a real family affair, and it’s Free! If you’re in Chicago, we hope you’ll make it to the Center on Halsted (3656 N Halsted), and say hello!

Katherine Brideau, PhDJeff Zwirek

Cha Cha Cha

Kate Brideau PhD has two new zines on this here site, Radiator Comics! What fun! What luck! What…is going on in her brain that causes her to make these images? You’ll have to find out, by picking up issues two and three of Maps & Diversion!

ETA: 12/17/14 Kate’s first published article has just been made available for reading in the Journal of Visual Culture! It’s all about the typeface, Impact, and its…well…impact on internet memes. She cowrote the article with Charles Berret, a PhD student at Columbia University. Way to go, Kate!
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Nate BeatyMelissa Mendes
Don't Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty

Slices of Life

This week we add two books I’ve been hoping would join the Radiator catalog for a while now. Don’t Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty collects a frenetic and biting look at modern adult life in a bustling city. Freddy Stories by Melissa Mendes collects quiet and fun, moments in the life of a tom boy. Each book is the culmination of looking at life from a particular angle, and each is delivered in pitch-perfect styles appropriate for the stories they tell.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a tote bag, in which you can place these books.
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