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Adventure in the vacuum of space, and in an office cleaner’s bag.

If you are reading this interstellar message, there may still be hope! Perhaps Maxer, the evil robot hasn’t defeated the forces of good, and their shirtless wonder, Mumfot. We need your help, earthling! Please familiarize yourself with the epic science fiction comics series, Mezmer by Jon Chad!

Lucky for you, Radiator Comics now carries both issues ONE and TWO of Mezmer, which is a ton of fun to read. Like an overload of 1980’s and 90’s Saturday morning cartoons, Mezmer is the chronicles of war, death, destruction, and friendship in our distant cosmic future, where androids and cyborgs do battle on behalf of powerful beings.

If a more terrestrial action is your bag, look no further than Mike Freiheit’s latest minicomic, Adventure! Mike is best known for his series Monkey Chef, which deals with some pretty heavy topics while telling Mike’s story of working at a primate sanctuary in South Africa. Mike lets his sense of humor shine in this small collection of shorter stories. Some are serious meditations on labor and reincarnation, while others are quick goofy gags, and jokes about butts!

Both comics are so great, and we hope you’ll dig them like a grave.

Everything Quantizes No. 2.5

Let’s Talk Zines

No new comics this week, but we wanted to talk about a category of publication that’s near and dear to our hearts, but may be overlooked, as this is a comics distro…zines!

For those who may not know, a zine is a self-published periodical. It’s usually made by one or just a few people, who see the publication from the seed of an idea to putting it in people’s hands. In fact, the vast majority of the titles Radiator carries should be considered zines, minicomics are just a comic book version of a zine.

But we also carry 27 publications that are mostly words, with little or no sequential art, and we’d like to highlight them some of them!
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Comics festivals are a fun way to expose yourself to new comics, and an excellent opportunity to meet comics artists! Some Radiator artists will be hitting the road this weekend to start their festival calendars, they may even be in your neck of the woods!

Reid Psaltis will be exhibiting this weekend at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (or RIPE) will be taking place at the Providence Public Library. They’ll be hosting many great artists including six folks we distro:
Dave Ortega
Georgia Webber
Jason Viola
Jon Chad
Liz Prince
& Penina Gal

If you have the opportunity, you should stop by and say hi!

You can view more upcoming events on our events page!

Don’t forget, all orders through March 31 receive a free Loaded Blanks Greeting Card.

Alec LongstrethJon Chad
Drop Target Zine by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth


We’ve got Alec Longstreth’s comics!
We’ve got Jon Chad’s comics!
NOW…we’ve got DROP TARGET, a zine all about pinball co-authored by Jon Chad AND Alec Longstreth!
The nerdy enthusiasm and the exuberant attention to the mechanics of how a game is played and built is at pinball wizard-levels here, friends. If you haven’t checked this zine out, you really should, it’ll make you want to spend all your laundry quarters at the nearest bar or arcade, or wherever the heck there’s a pinball machine!

Happy Holidays!

Hey! We’re in the middle of that annual exercise in treasuring those closest to us…if for no other reason than their body heat (it’s COLD out!). I want to wish everyone a great holiday season, and very happy New Year! Radiator Comics turned five-months old yesterday, and it’s been a ton of fun so far. Thanks for a great time to all the folks we’ve met at Redmoon events, or Youth Library Services workshops, or online via orders, emails tweets and, Facebook-thumby-things. 2015 is going to be a really exciting year.

We’re gonna be away from our comics for a couple days, so any order placed this week will ship on Saturday, December 27.