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Winter Harbinger

King-Cat No. 76 came out at the beginning of June, but more than anything it feels like the announcement of the impending fall and winter. John Porcellino’s comics all revolve around the seasons turning colder, to the change in what animals are present when outside, and those January evenings when even the inside of your apartment feels cold. Maybe consider this as preparation for the cold. Maybe in the dead of winter something will remind you of having read this issue, and you’ll remember you picked it up while you were sweating, drinking lemonade, and in some strange way, you’ll be transported back to the summer.

No? OH-KAY! Moving on…

Big Congratulations to Keiler Roberts, who was nominated for an Ignatz Award this past week! Keiler’s series, Powdered Milk (early issues have been collected in the books, Powdered Milk and Miseryland) was nominated for Outstanding Series. The Ignatz Awards are honors given out at the Small Press Expo every year. We’ll be there, hopefully to cheer Keiler on as she wins the award. Fingers crossed!