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Migraine Hell, Comics Heaven thumbprint
Migraine Hell by Leila Abdelrazaq

Migraine Hell, Comics Heaven

We’re really excited to welcome Leila Abdelrazaq to Radiator Comics this week! We’re a big fan of Leila’s comics, so we’re honored to be able to help get them out in the world. Leila’s comics don’t shy away from complicated or controversial subject matter, such as refugees, displacement and home, and family life under occupation. If you need an indication has to how great Leila’s comics are, she’s currently sold out of all but one of her comics! So we’re starting off with her personal account of what it’s like to have a migraine, Migraine Hell. We look forward to carrying more of her comics in the future!

Leila also runs a great distro called Big Mouth Comix, where she works to promote the comics from artists who are part of the Middle Eastern and Northern African diaspora. Check it out and buy some comics from her!