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Fun with Librarians

This past Friday I got the chance to table at a Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois Youth Services Section (LACONI YSS) day-long workshop. The subject of the workshop was starting your own comics convention at your library! It featured talks on how to run a convention, as well as how to build a strong graphic novel collection for young readers. The keynote speaker was Jarrett J. Krosoczka, author of Punk Farm, Platypus Police Squad and the exciting Lunch Lady graphic novel series!

Jarrett’s talk was very charming and inspiring, especially when he talked about giving kids the tools and inspiration to create their own stories. I feel super lucky to have had a chance to hear it.

On top of the excitement of hearing Jarrett’s presentation and getting to meet him, I got a chance to meet and talk with a bunch of librarians both about Radiator Comics, and the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (which I help organize). Radiator Comics wasn’t selling comics at the workshop, but rather doing outreach to youth services librarians to let them know they can order from us at a wholesale rate. I love libraries, and I’m excited to provide comics to libraries and other educational institutions in addition to individuals and retail spaces. If you know any librarians looking for unique comics to add to their collections, you can direct them to our wholesale application.

Final note, be sure to check out Jarrett’s amazing story books, comic books, and chapter books. They’re available at libraries and your local bookstores!