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Alec LongstrethD.I.Y. till we D.I.E. thumbprintCaroline Picard

D.I.Y. till we D.I.E.

From the shores of Maine to the deserts of New Mexico, we’re welcoming new collections of previously-published comics by Liz Prince and Alec Longstreth!

Liz’s Be Your Own Backing Band collects a ton of comics about punk music, which were published on If You Make It* and in Razorcake! This book is published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club!

Alec’s Phase 7 No. 023 collects a ton of comics from anthologies, plus a pretty punk-rock story of turning a skeptic onto the magic of Harry Potter!

Fun trivia…Liz and Alec are good friends, and their mutual friend, craft-genius, Claire Sanders makes cameos in both Be Your Own Backing Band and Phase 7 No. 023!

Liz has a brand new comic out from Boom!Box!, Coady and the Creepies! Check it out!

Alec, Liz’s publisher (Silver Sprocket), and Radiator Comics will all be at DINK, in Denver, CO April 8 & 9! Alec will be presenting a comics-making workshop, and Radiator & Silver Sprocket will be on a small-press publishing panel!
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A Year Ago In Comics thumbprint

A Year Ago In Comics

I have been a big fan of Nicole J. Georges and Greg “Clutch” Means‘ split-minicomic, Invincible Summer/Clutch since I started reading minicomics! Nicole renders her life in a dense, cartoon-realist style, while Greg opts for a sparse, minimalist-noodle style. The two styles work off each other so well, as Greg and Nicole live their lives that often intersect in their dairy comics! It was a real thrill to learn that Liz Prince -a fantastic autobiographical comics artist in her own right- had been invited to join in on Nicole and Greg’s annual collaboration. Minicomics fans, this comic delivers in so many ways! It’s fun to read each of the three’s accounts of the same event, but to top it off, a huge chunk of this comic is devoted to a co-drawn diary of Nicole and Liz’s travels in New York and the Pacific Northwest together! It is a real treat, friends! AND it takes place a year ago this month, so order it now, and jump back 366 days to a simpler time with Nicole, Greg and Liz!!

Speaking of Liz Prince, and the Pacific Northwest, she’s tabling at the Emerald City Comicon (Seattle, WA) THIS WEEKEND, visit this website for details:

Radiator ourselves will be tabling this weekend in Buffalo, NY for the Small Press Book Fair! We’ll have titles by 19 of our artists on display for you to peruse and purchase! More information below:

If you want to keep up with all the events we and our artists are doing, click on the envelope icon at the top of the site to sign up for our newsletter, and check out our Events page (also in the top menu!)

Everything Quantizes No. 2.5

Let’s Talk Zines

No new comics this week, but we wanted to talk about a category of publication that’s near and dear to our hearts, but may be overlooked, as this is a comics distro…zines!

For those who may not know, a zine is a self-published periodical. It’s usually made by one or just a few people, who see the publication from the seed of an idea to putting it in people’s hands. In fact, the vast majority of the titles Radiator carries should be considered zines, minicomics are just a comic book version of a zine.

But we also carry 27 publications that are mostly words, with little or no sequential art, and we’d like to highlight them some of them!
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Comics festivals are a fun way to expose yourself to new comics, and an excellent opportunity to meet comics artists! Some Radiator artists will be hitting the road this weekend to start their festival calendars, they may even be in your neck of the woods!

Reid Psaltis will be exhibiting this weekend at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (or RIPE) will be taking place at the Providence Public Library. They’ll be hosting many great artists including six folks we distro:
Dave Ortega
Georgia Webber
Jason Viola
Jon Chad
Liz Prince
& Penina Gal

If you have the opportunity, you should stop by and say hi!

You can view more upcoming events on our events page!

Don’t forget, all orders through March 31 receive a free Loaded Blanks Greeting Card.

Reid PsaltisAnimal Action! thumbprint
Cryptozoology by Reid Psaltis

Animal Action!

Hey lookit! Reid Psaltis joins the Radiator Crew with five awesome comics! Check Reid out! His series Kingdom/Order is being serialized on Study Group, so you can read it there.

Also, Liz Prince is on tour promoting her new book Tomboy (Zest Books)! I’m so excited for this book. Putting her dates on our event page is a high priority for me this week (which will give you a real-time understanding at how slow I am on accomplishing high priorities). Until then, here is her epic tour graphic:
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