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Caroline Picard
Chronicles of Fortune by Caroline Picard

Lend to Radiator Comics’ First Book!

I am happy to announce that Radiator Comics is crowdfunding a 0% interest loan on Kiva US. Kiva is the first and largest micro-lending service in the world that has distributed $709 million over 10 years, in 85 different countries, among 1.5 million small businesses.

I’ve already successfully completed Radiator’s private-lending campaign, in which I received 22 pledged loans in less than 24 hours! At the time of writing this, the project is already 71% funded. Now we need your help to meet our goal of $4,000!

The funds from this loan will go towards publishing Radiator Comics’ first book, The Chronicles of Fortune by Caroline Picard.

I would like to ask you to lend as little as $25 (which you will get back!) so I can take a new step for my business. If you would like to support me, please follow this link to my loan campaign, https://www.kiva.org/lend/1091196

I sincerely appreciate your support!

Thank you!
Neil Brideau
Radiator Comics