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Mike FreiheitJeff Zwirek

How Rude!

This week we’ve added two new comics for “mature” audiences by two local bad-boys, Jeff Zwirek and Mike Freiheit!

Go Fuck Myself collects autobiographical self-loathing comics by Mike on brightly colored paper! Marvel as his lizard brain obscures any rational thought! Watch as everyone in his life becomes frustrated with him…even his own legs?! Through the wacky self-hate, Mike investigates issues of depression in a collection of disarming and funny comics.

You would think with a title like Go Fuck Myself, Mike’s comic would be the more vulgar of the two…YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

Stand-Up Comic No. 1 by Jeff features a sad, suicidal comedian who doesn’t hold back on letting his life spill into his comedy routine. If you like family friendly jokes, run! You wont find them here.

We hope that you have a happy holiday week this Thursday, and are able to spend it with friends, family, or working to make the world a better place. We will be away from the Radiator Comics office until Tuesday, November 29. Please feel free to place orders while we’re away. We’ll get them out the door as quickly as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Isabella RotmanMike Freiheit

Mid-week addition!


We’re back! We went on vacation to visit with family, and recharge our batteries! We returned to Chicago last night, so this morning we’re updating our catalog with a split minicomic by local favorites, Isabella Rotman and Mike Freiheit! Mike and Isabella look at how they treat cats and dogs respectively, and then ask us to extrapolate that to how women are often treated in our society. Pick up Bad Dog!! Good Kitty! today!

We’ll be back for our regular Tuesday update…on Tuesday with a brand new artist, who we’ve been fans of for YEEEEEEAAAAAARRRRRRSSSSSS. Check back next week to see who it is, and until then read yourself some comics!

Mike Freiheit

Hello, Goodbye!

When you hang out with other comics artists, the question “have you read anything good lately?” comes up a lot. Goodbye by Ben Passmore was a minicomic that came up among a number of friends over the past year, with exclamations of agreement as to its superb quality! What followed would be an exasperated attempt to articulate into words why it was such a good comic. Great art can be identified by its ability to articulate through its medium ideas that can’t just be articulated through words. In that regard, Goodbye is the cream of the crop.

We were heartbroken when our supply of Goodbye ran out, and Ben told us he too was out. But we were then rejuvenated by the news that Record Label, Silver Sprocket would be reprinting it as a tiny little book! What luck! And now it’s in our hands, and we can place it in yours. So what are you waiting for? Get this killer comic, and then throw your hands up in frustration when you can’t explain to your friends why it’s so dang good!

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Mike FreiheitTrubble Club
Party Animals by Mike Freiheit


Yeah, yeah, comics can be a serious medium to talk about important issues in a unique blah blah blah.

BUT! It can also be a way of having a lot of fun! This week Radiator Comics is adding the latest publication from Chicago’s comics ne’er-do-wells, Trubble Club! Life’s Too Short is a border-line obscene take on sitcoms and other television dramas with a collection of short comics starring Larry the hotdog, and Gary the hamburger. Eat. It. Up!

ALSO! Local bad boy, Mike Freiheit has collected a jubilant collection of drawings of animals having a good time (with the help of intoxicants) in his sketchbook, Party Animals! If you like animals and/or drinking, this zine is perfect for you!

So cut back, relax, live a little, and have fun!

Mike FreiheitJon Chad

Adventure in the vacuum of space, and in an office cleaner’s bag.

If you are reading this interstellar message, there may still be hope! Perhaps Maxer, the evil robot hasn’t defeated the forces of good, and their shirtless wonder, Mumfot. We need your help, earthling! Please familiarize yourself with the epic science fiction comics series, Mezmer by Jon Chad!

Lucky for you, Radiator Comics now carries both issues ONE and TWO of Mezmer, which is a ton of fun to read. Like an overload of 1980’s and 90’s Saturday morning cartoons, Mezmer is the chronicles of war, death, destruction, and friendship in our distant cosmic future, where androids and cyborgs do battle on behalf of powerful beings.

If a more terrestrial action is your bag, look no further than Mike Freiheit’s latest minicomic, Adventure! Mike is best known for his series Monkey Chef, which deals with some pretty heavy topics while telling Mike’s story of working at a primate sanctuary in South Africa. Mike lets his sense of humor shine in this small collection of shorter stories. Some are serious meditations on labor and reincarnation, while others are quick goofy gags, and jokes about butts!

Both comics are so great, and we hope you’ll dig them like a grave.