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Miranda Harmon

Emotions in Paper Form

If you don’t follow Miranda Harmon on social media, you probably should. There she posts tons of amazing doodles and sketches and diary comics. But social media -like the feelings Miranda peddles in- can be fleeting and hard to hold onto, so we recommend buying her print comics! Oh look, here are two new titles by Miranda available through Radiator Comics…

In The Right Place And At The Right Time collects many of Miranda’s journal comics, which focus more on feeling than events.

Frog In Love is about the emotional amusement park ride of being in love.

You should get these comics! They’re great!

Do you like comics? Do you like music festivals?
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Miranda Harmon

Welcome to Harmontown

We are beside ourselves with delight in that we can add Miranda Harmon’s Harmontown minicomic to our catalog! You may have seen this comic about depression and Dan Harmon’s podcast on tumblr. Now you can grab it in your hands and read it over and over again without dealing with your own social network anxiety. Definitely pick this one up!

We will be heading out the door tomorrow to Denver, Colorado to table at DiNK (The Denver Independent Comics and Art Festival). We’ll have copies of Harmontown there, tabling at table D49 in the Main Hall (2nd floor) of the Sherman Event Center (floor map after the jump)! If you’re in the area, definitely come out and say hello! DiNK takes place Friday from 4 – 9pm, and Saturday 10 – 7pm, with a ton of programming surrounding those hours!

Since I’ll be out of town for the weekend, all orders placed from Wednesday the 23rd through Monday the 28th will ship on Tuesday, the 29th.

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Miranda Harmon
Intergalactic Dance Party by Miranda Harmon

Lines That Dance!

How can we get any happier?! We’ve just spent the weekend staring at comics by Miranda Harmon! Drawn with an energetic and down-right FUN line quality, Miranda’s comics can’t help but bring a smile to your face. We’ve been big fans of Miranda’s silly sense of humor, and sincere story-telling style for a couple years now, and we’re sure you’ll become just as big a fan! Check out Possum Girl, The Haunted Ring, Intergalactic Dance Party or heck! Order all three! We’re not judgin’.
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