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Nate Beaty
Look Around by Nate Beaty

Bant Yatee

Radiator Comics is both happy and confused to carry two of Nate Beaty’s latest minicomics, Bobomb Bap! and Look Around! Nate’s standard fare of self-deprecating humor and frenetic brush work hits the pause button, as these two comics -which hover much closer to “sketchbook zine” than any traditional sense of a “comic book”- are evocative of mood, and let the reader decide if there’s a narrative. These little gems are representative of a different side of Nate you don’t normally see, unless you run into him at a coffee shop, and he’s feverishly drawing in his sketchbook. Enjoy!

Nate BeatyMelissa Mendes
Don't Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty

Slices of Life

This week we add two books I’ve been hoping would join the Radiator catalog for a while now. Don’t Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty collects a frenetic and biting look at modern adult life in a bustling city. Freddy Stories by Melissa Mendes collects quiet and fun, moments in the life of a tom boy. Each book is the culmination of looking at life from a particular angle, and each is delivered in pitch-perfect styles appropriate for the stories they tell.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a tote bag, in which you can place these books.
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