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Upcoming Events!

We don’t have a new comic for you this week, but we spent some time updating our EVENTS page! You can use it find Radiator Comics and the artists we represent at events around the country. It’s still pretty early in the year, so the number of events and their details will fill out throughout the year, so be sure to check it frequently. And what’s this?! Radiator Comics will be at an event this Wednesday?!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
6:00pm – 11:00pm
at Emporium Logan Square
2363 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL!
Marian Runk & Jeff Zwirek will be joining us behind the Radiator table, and Mike Freiheit will be tabling at his own table space!
Radiator Pack! art by Andrea Tsurumi
This Thursday, we’ll be shipping out January’s Radiator Packs! You still have time to sign up to get a mystery bundle of exciting new comics!

Marnie Galloway

Happy April!

Hello! Today is April 1st! Ha ha, no it’s not. April fools.

This week we’ve added a minicomic by me, Neil! It’s a side-story to my ongoing series, the Plot. Tell Now the Tale of the Argus Mushroom is a comic I drew for J.T. Yost’s anthology, Digestate, which you can purchase from J.T’s distro, Birdcage Bottom Books. It tells the origin story of the villager’s host-bodies, and how it relates to a versatile mushroom. If you’re a fan of my series, I hope you’ll pick it up I think it adds depth to the village’s history.

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