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Fresh and New Like a Paleta

We’re so excited to add the first issue of Whit Taylor’s new series, Fizzle! We love Whit’s narrative style, with understated dialog, subtle details, fully realized characters, and stunning moments. At once cinematic and literary, Whit weaves great slow-burning stories. In this new series, Claire is a young transplant to California, where she works a maddening retail job, and hangs out with her stoner boyfriend. Many seeds of discontent are planted in this first issue, and we’re impatiently looking forward to how they grow in subsequent chapters!

Whit’s been getting some press recently for her debut graphic novel, Ghost Stories from Rosarium Publishing!

Whit was recently interviewed by Julian Lytle on his podcast, Ignorant Bliss, by Zach Soto & Mike Dawson for their podcast, Process Party, and by Meg Lemke for Publishers Weekly!