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Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore

A Fabulous Return!

Last weekend, we had the privilege of tabling next to Penina Gal and Betsey Swardlick at RIPE! They are two of the most fun folks making minicomics these days. They are full of positive energy, they make great comics and they also know where to find really good baked goods in Providence.

Today we are stoked to add Penina & Betsey’s new issue of Glamera to our catalog! The half-glam-rock-star/half-kaiju-monster is back, and defending their GLAMESSENCE from five ghosts known as the GLAMURAI! You don’t want to miss this fabulous chapter!

We’re also excited to add the new full-color version of Ben Passmore’s comic, Your Black Friend to our catalog! Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, this new version is pretty much the same as the original, though laid out in a letter-digest format, and now saturated in the vibrant colors Ben is known for!

The Lives of Cats and Ghouls

Hey! We’re back!

We spent last weekend in Bethesda, MD at the Small Press Expo, where we hosted six of our artists at our table! [Photos from SPX (that unfortunately lack any evidence of our table-mate, Jeremy Tinder) after the jump!]

We had a really great time, and at the end had some new comics to share with you!

Jeremy Tinder’s Heat Escapes is a really fun and funny comic! Every panel is packed with unapologetically vulgar humor and drawn with an energy that makes it a real joy to read! If you’re looking for a great funny comic, you’ve got to pick this up.

And for the cat lover in your life, Penina Gal imagines what the life of hip young cat-people is like in Meow De Vivre. Get a pawdicure, and check for messages on your OKCatnip account, and of course, get your retractable claws on this comic.

This past weekend we sold comics at the Great Chicago Fire Festival, and had a great time meeting folks! This Wednesday, we’ll be at the Logan Square location of the barcade, Emporium for TOKEN, a pop-up zine fest from 6 – 11pm, come out, say hi, grab a drink, and play some video games!

More comics next week! See you then, internet!
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Happy New Year

Hello 2015! Radiator Comics is back with new comics weekly on Tuesdays!

This week, we welcome Penina Gal to the Radiator family! Penina’s comics are drawn with a welcoming simple line, and are full of really big and exciting ideas. You should read 100% of her comics, and we’re happy to help!

That’s the big news. Welcome to a new world.