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Add Some Powdered Milk To Your Diet

I’ve been temping in Evanston, IL for the past week and a half, spending time in an office with a sprawling view of one of Chicago’s most notable suburbs. I’ve been traveling the purple line, and went to a film screening at the Northwestern University’s Block Cinema. Total emersion for this week’s addition of Keiler Roberts‘ comics. Keiler lives in Evanston with her husband Scott, their daughter Xia, and their dog Crooky, and that is what Keiler draws comics about.

People who know Keiler’s comics jump at any chance to read something new by her, and the award nominations, speaking engagements and special-guest appearances are starting to add up. Radiator Comics STRONGLY encourages you to check out Keiler’s comics, as they subtly investigate human nature, depression, and what it means to be alive. You will be enriched and amused by Keiler’s Powdered Milk collections, Powdered Milk and Miseryland.
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