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Two New Comics From Sam Sharpe

Hey! Hello! Happy New Year! We have two new books from Sam Sharpe! Sam teamed up with Scott Novosel, to tell Scott’s inspiring all-ages story of grit and determination to reach your dreams in the book, Fieldhouse! We thought this would be a great time to start carrying Sam’s collection of single-panel cartoons put out by Yeti Press in 2014, Poop Boobs Poo. It’s full of highly inappropriate jokes, only suitable for mature readers. Oh god, please do not mix these two books up.

They’re both great for their their intended audiences, and we’re excited to have new works by Sam who’s been a big supporter of Radiator Comics from day one.

We hope your holidays were bright and cheery, and hope that you’re ready to read a lot of comics in 2016, because we are going to be bringing you a whole mess of them! We’ll be exhibiting at two fun events this month, and much like this week’s books, one is for kids, and the other is for adults…

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Marnie Galloway

Happy April!

Hello! Today is April 1st! Ha ha, no it’s not. April fools.

This week we’ve added a minicomic by me, Neil! It’s a side-story to my ongoing series, the Plot. Tell Now the Tale of the Argus Mushroom is a comic I drew for J.T. Yost’s anthology, Digestate, which you can purchase from J.T’s distro, Birdcage Bottom Books. It tells the origin story of the villager’s host-bodies, and how it relates to a versatile mushroom. If you’re a fan of my series, I hope you’ll pick it up I think it adds depth to the village’s history.

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Nate BeatyMelissa Mendes
Don't Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty

Slices of Life

This week we add two books I’ve been hoping would join the Radiator catalog for a while now. Don’t Cry Wolfman Chicago by Nate Beaty collects a frenetic and biting look at modern adult life in a bustling city. Freddy Stories by Melissa Mendes collects quiet and fun, moments in the life of a tom boy. Each book is the culmination of looking at life from a particular angle, and each is delivered in pitch-perfect styles appropriate for the stories they tell.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a tote bag, in which you can place these books.
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Marnie GallowayJeff ZwirekLeslie PerrineGrace TranJason ViolaKatherine Brideau, PhD
The Love Particle by Sam Sharpe

Chicago’s Finest

This week Radiator’s honored to add a new comic from three of Chicago’s comics stars! Marnie Galloway’s long-awaited second volume of her three-part graphic novel, In the Sounds And Seas is here! Sam Sharpe collects previously published stories of love and life in The Love Particle! Jeff Zwirek’s releases the sixth issue of his one-man anthology, Black Star, collecting both previously published, and brand new comix!

Coincidentally, Marnie, Sam, and Jeff, along with Leslie Perrine and Grace Tran will be featured artists at Radiator Comics’ kiosk at the Great Chicago Fire Festival, this Saturday! Continue reading

Marissa Falco
Parcel Ghosts Guide to Post by Marissa Falco


Hey hey! Marissa Falco joins the Radiator family, and pushes our title count over the 100-mark! Marissa’s zines are an amazing ray of sunshine that will inspire you to look appreciate any moment you find yourself in, and hopefully write a loved one a letter about it! I’m really excited to have her zines in the Radiator catalog!
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