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Shawn ChengMarian Runk

Heroics! Mythological Creatures! Farts! Oh my.

It’s always a good day to get your hands on Shawn Cheng’s well-crafted minicomics and zines, and this week we’ve got THREE new ones! In King of Stink, Whiskey Jack and Kid Coyote -the main characters in the Would-Be Bridegrooms- are back, attempting to woo the huntress. This time, they try to defeat a vulgar skunk! Fart and poop jokes abound! If that doesn’t tickle your-juvenile humor enough, Shawn’s Hercules Counts to XII and Lamentations of Ridiculous Creatures are 1-2-3 and A-B-C zines respectively, and were the most popular item on our table at the Chicago Zine Fest last weekend.

What I’m saying is DON’T SLEEP ON THESE! They’re moving fast.

Shawn also restocked copies of his amazing minicomics, The Suitor and The Would-Be Bridegrooms, which had both sold out here.

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Shawn Cheng

Folk Tales

Who wouldn’t be excited to add Shawn Cheng’s comics to their catalog?! We are not wouldn’t be…too…

Well, less confusing than that introduction are Shawn’s comics, which are clear folk tales told with levity and fun and some killer drawing chops! We now carry Shawn’s classic, The Would-Be Bridegrooms, in which Kid Coyote and Whiskey Jack (a rabbit) compete for the heart of a young huntress! Joining that goofy fable, Shawn has sent us a nearly 100-page minicomic, The Suitor, which tells a sadder story of unrequited love in an arctic setting.

We can’t speak highly enough of these two amazing minis, and bet you won’t be able to stop yourself from showing them to your friends!