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okay okay okay okay, this week we’re adding the latest minicomic by me! Neil Brideau! Hi! Your Friends Hate You So Much collects four comics I drew for free publications between 2010 and 2016, plus one brand new comic that’s been drawn and redrawn several times since 2010. It’s weird. It’s a weird comic. But it’s funny, and I hope you enjoy it!

Barring any hurricane shenanigans, we and half the population of the alternative comics community will be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD this weekend! We’ll be at table D13 hosting Coco Picard (Sat only), Iona Fox, Luke Howard, Neil Brideau, Whit Taylor, and Yewon Kwon (Sat only)! There’ll be at least three debuts (Your Friends Hate You So Much, Fizzle No. 2 by Whit, and Abandon Ship III by Luke) at our table! Fifteen other artists distributed by Radiator Comics will be tabling on their own (as shown in the gif above…click on it, it’s fun!):
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Penina Gal

The Lives of Cats and Ghouls

Hey! We’re back!

We spent last weekend in Bethesda, MD at the Small Press Expo, where we hosted six of our artists at our table! [Photos from SPX (that unfortunately lack any evidence of our table-mate, Jeremy Tinder) after the jump!]

We had a really great time, and at the end had some new comics to share with you!

Jeremy Tinder’s Heat Escapes is a really fun and funny comic! Every panel is packed with unapologetically vulgar humor and drawn with an energy that makes it a real joy to read! If you’re looking for a great funny comic, you’ve got to pick this up.

And for the cat lover in your life, Penina Gal imagines what the life of hip young cat-people is like in Meow De Vivre. Get a pawdicure, and check for messages on your OKCatnip account, and of course, get your retractable claws on this comic.

This past weekend we sold comics at the Great Chicago Fire Festival, and had a great time meeting folks! This Wednesday, we’ll be at the Logan Square location of the barcade, Emporium for TOKEN, a pop-up zine fest from 6 – 11pm, come out, say hi, grab a drink, and play some video games!

More comics next week! See you then, internet!
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Game Over thumbprint
Jon and Alec

Game Over

When Jon Chad and Alec Longstreth decided to start a pinball-related zine, they agreed to produce seven issues (I think so Alec could create a “dream machine” for each of the Harry Potter books). Radiator Comics now holds copies of the seventh and final issue of Drop Target Zine. Every issue has had its own theme, and appropriately, this issue is about pinball’s future. Less is the focus on pinball technology (though there is a cool interview about some pinball innovations), but it’s more about keeping pinball vibrant, inviting and fun so more and more people will get into the game.

Drop Target Zine has definitely made me more interested in pinball, now I notice machines in bars, and am far more into throwing a couple quarters into them and playing a few games (poorly). Alec and Jon’s enthusiasm for whatever they’re into is unparalleled, and very infectious. Thanks to Jon and Alec for spreading the pinball gospel.

Ding ding!
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