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Danielle O'Malley

A New Zine

After a couple weeks off, Radiator Comics is back with a strange little zine that showed up in our P.O. Box a couple months ago, How Big It Feels How Little It Is by Danielle O’Malley, a California-based artist. We had no idea Danielle or her zine existed, but we’re really happy she put a copy in an envelope, and mailed it to us, because it’s a perfect little zine. It’s part comic, part collection of themed drawings, part art object. I think you’re going to love it.

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting comics, so if YOU make comics and you think they’d fit in with Radiator Comics’ catalog, you can send us a copy, and we’ll let you know if we’d like to carry it. All the details we think you might need are on our submissions page, but if you have any additional questions, you can contact us on our contact page.

See you next week with herds of bicycles, interstellar deliveries of regret, and more!