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Mike FreiheitTrubble Club
Party Animals by Mike Freiheit


Yeah, yeah, comics can be a serious medium to talk about important issues in a unique blah blah blah.

BUT! It can also be a way of having a lot of fun! This week Radiator Comics is adding the latest publication from Chicago’s comics ne’er-do-wells, Trubble Club! Life’s Too Short is a border-line obscene take on sitcoms and other television dramas with a collection of short comics starring Larry the hotdog, and Gary the hamburger. Eat. It. Up!

ALSO! Local bad boy, Mike Freiheit has collected a jubilant collection of drawings of animals having a good time (with the help of intoxicants) in his sketchbook, Party Animals! If you like animals and/or drinking, this zine is perfect for you!

So cut back, relax, live a little, and have fun!

Jessica CampbellAaron RenierExquisite Corpses! Whodunnit? thumbprintTrubble ClubExquisite Corpses! Whodunnit? thumbprintExquisite Corpses! Whodunnit? thumbprintJeff Zwirek
Sylvia Leeds by Jessica Campbell & Aaron Renier

Exquisite Corpses! Whodunnit?

This week Radiator Comics is excited to welcome Jessica Campbell & Aaron Renier to the Radiator Comics roster with their endearing comic, Sylvia Leeds! We’ve also got a new offering from Trubble Club, Bodblestein, which is a collection of 18 figures you can mix-and-match into different exquisite corpses.
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Leslie PerrineTrubble Club

Leslie Perrine, Trubble Club & Festival Season!

I can’t think of an odder pair of new comics to add to Radiator Comics than the works of Leslie Perrine and Trubble Club. Coming out of the zinester community, Leslie makes sad comics dripping with the hope of a better tomorrow. Trubble Club, on the other hand is a super-star studded collective of Chicago-based comics artists who get together on a weekly basis and draw collaborative comics about the grossest subjects possible! Both artists’ comics are fun to read, and I hope you’ll check them out.
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