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Fresh and New Like a Paleta

We’re so excited to add the first issue of Whit Taylor’s new series, Fizzle! We love Whit’s narrative style, with understated dialog, subtle details, fully realized characters, and stunning moments. At once cinematic and literary, Whit weaves great slow-burning stories. In this new series, Claire is a young transplant to California, where she works a maddening retail job, and hangs out with her stoner boyfriend. Many seeds of discontent are planted in this first issue, and we’re impatiently looking forward to how they grow in subsequent chapters!

Whit’s been getting some press recently for her debut graphic novel, Ghost Stories from Rosarium Publishing!

Whit was recently interviewed by Julian Lytle on his podcast, Ignorant Bliss, by Zach Soto & Mike Dawson for their podcast, Process Party, and by Meg Lemke for Publishers Weekly!

Rachel DukesCaroline Picard

Vanguishing Authoritarian Dragons!

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club is putting out some great comics lately, and while we’re waiting on Rachel Dukes’ next volume of Frankie Comics, we’ll gladly take No Gods. No Dungeon Masters, which Rachel made with writer, Io. Enjoy! NGNDM was originally published in Ninth Art Press’ Anthology, Subcultures, edited by Whit Taylor.

If you missed the news last week, Radiator Comics has sent the first book we’re publishing to the printer! Coco Picard’s The Chronicles of Fortune is in production, and we expect to receive the books in April! You can preorder a copy now, and we’ll mail them out as soon as we get them in. The first 100 copies will include an original drawing by Coco, and a set of pin-back buttons featuring the main characters from the book! Don’t delay, some other limited-edition preorder rewards have already sold out, and we expect the original drawings to sell out as well.

We’re taking a week off to recharge our batteries, and visit family. Any orders placed between 5pm Tuesday 3/14/17 and Wednesday 3/22/17 will ship Thursday, Wednesday 3/23/17.

The Anthropologists by Whit Taylor


We’re excited to add Whit Taylor’s The Anthropologists to our catalog this week! The Anthropologists is a great comic that focuses on identity and self-discovery. It was published by Sparkplug Comic Books a few years ago, and we’re really happy to have it available through Radiator Comics now!

The holidays may seem far off, but we are actually about one month out from our deadline to guarantee delivery before December 24th. Now is a great time to start thinking about Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years gifts! Whether it’s a tiny minicomic, five hefty graphic novels, or a bunch of greeting cards, Radiator Comics can help!

We also offer the Radiator Pack, a curated monthly bundle of comics mailed to you or a friend! You pick the size and duration, and we pick out comics we think you’ll enjoy! It makes a great gift {hint hint}!

High School Memories

We’re super excited to add Whit Taylor’s series Madtown High to our catalog this week! Whit’s comics are sincere, funny, and very thoughtful, and Madtown High covers a ton of subjects pertaining to the tumultuous years of high school. Social cliques, crushes, power-hungry adults who wont treat you like adults, but also want you to grow up, musical obsessions, and on and on! She treats this time in her life with equal parts reflection and humor, so you’ll be thinking about your high school experience while also laughing at all of its pitfalls! We’ve been big fans of Whit for years, so we’re thrilled to finally welcome her to Radiator’s roster!