Distribution Submissions

If you feel your comics fit with Radiator Comics’ catalog, we encourage you to get in touch! To submit your comic for consideration for distribution, please read this page fully before filling out the form below. We’ll review your submission and let you know if we need more information before letting you know if we are interested in carrying your comics. We strive to answer distribution submissions in a timely manner, but we are a very small operation. If you haven’t heard from us within a month, please contact us. Please do not send us unsolicited comics in the mail.

What is Radiator Comics Looking For?

We specialize in self-published and small press comics that demonstrate sincerity and care in their storytelling, characters, and production. We think our catalog is most interesting when it carries comics made from a variety of perspectives, drawing methods, and storytelling styles. We believe strongly in representation, and work to make sure we are distributing comics from a list of artists reflective of the diversity in our community.

dog-dinosaur running with a bunch of comic books
We love seeing the “finger prints” and personality of the author. We love laughing with comics, crying with comics, feeling, thinking, and learning with comics. We dig comics that challenge readers, and reward them for their curiosity. We’re less excited about comics that focus on action or a cool premise with little humanity behind it. We are not interested in slick comics that are trying to be “marketable.” Cynical or mean-spirited comics can go eat a bag of nails.

What if Radiator Comics is interested in distributing your comics?

  • You will send Radiator Comics copies of your comics to sell on a consignment basis, paying you for copies once they sell.
  • Our payouts are quarterly, occurring shortly after March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.
  • We offer a commission of 65% for comics sold to individuals, and 39% for comics sold wholesale to stores. For example, a $10.00 comic is sold to individual customers for $10.00. You will receive a commission of $6.50, and we keep $3.50. That same $10.00 comic is sold to stores at a wholesale price of $6.00. You will receive a commission of $3.90, and we keep $2.10.
  • When we add new titles to our catalog we promote them on social media, and through our email newsletter. We enjoy tabling at fests and fairs, and we always try to coordinate with our clients if we want to bring their titles to an event. We make sure we’re never competing with them at any event at which we’re both tabling.
  • You’ll be given a login to our website which will give you access to a Vendor Dashboard. Through it you can draft and edit your titles (a process we can help with depending on your comfort level with wordpress). You can also view sales, inventory and owed commissions for your titles.
  • Radiator Comics is intended to be one of many venues through which cartoonists sell their comics, so we’ll never ask for exclusive distribution of your titles, and want you to let us know how we can serve you and your cartooning career.

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