drawings of several comics and books published by Radiator Comics


Radiator Comics spends a lot of energy promoting other folks’ comics, but we also publish our own titles.

Viewotron: Comics and Stories

Collecting thoughtful, charming, and funny short stories, Viewotron: Comics and Stories feature collaborations and complementary comics by Sam Sharpe and Peach S Goodrich!

Stories revolve around perception, expectations, and finding meaning in our strange human experiment—manifested through alien orbs, bumbling monsters, rare diseases, prophetic children’s drawings, and interplanetary friendships. Every theme and brilliant conceit is delivered with spectacular cartooning.

Radiator Comics is taking over publishing responsabilties from AdHouse Books, who published issue 1. Subscribe through issue 4, and you’ll be the first to read each issue, save a lot on shipping, and receive exclusive bonus items!

Días de Consuelo

Dave Ortega’s tender biography filled with struggle and hope, Días de Consuelo brings to life the memories of the author’s abuela as they coincide with the storm of events that framed one of the most important uprisings of the twentieth century: The Mexican Revolution.

This graphic novel introduces middle grade through adult readers to the captivating story of Consuelo, her mother Evarista, grandmother Isabel and sister Beatriz as their lives are upended apart by civil war. Días de Consuelo is also the perfect introduction to revolutionary figures like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, the series of uprisings that they led to put an end to centuries-old systems of oppression, and the toll that this violence took on daily life. With its expressive cartooning style, this book celebrates the Mexican-American experience in a way that has yet not been seen in the comics medium.

Spiny Orb Weaver

covers of Spiny Orb Weaver issues 1, 2, and 3
Named after a charming and particularly decorative regional arachnid, Spiny Orb Weaver showcases cartoonists from South Florida. Through a new commissioned comic and interview, each issue highlights one voice in the local comics scene. The back-pages feature cartoonists who have moved from the region.

The first three issues were released in the Spring of 2021.

Spiny Orb Weaver is funded by The Ellies, Miami’s visual arts awards, presented by Oolite Arts. This publication is part of Radiator Comics Studio, a series of online programming and print publications to support the South Florida cartooning community. Radiator Comics Studio is made possible with support from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.


Radiator Comics is currently publishing Whit Taylor’s comic series, Fizzle.

Fizzle tells the story of Claire, a listless New Jersey transplant to California, unhappy with her life, but unmotivated to do anything about it. Maybe a tasty frozen treat will change her life?

We offer a subscription to this six-issue series. Subscribers receive the issue before anyone else, as well as exclusive bonus items!

Fizzle won an Ignatz Award as the 2020 Outstanding Series, and was nominated for A Broken Frontier Award for the 2020 Best Periodical Series.

The Chronicles of Fortune

The first book we published, The Chronicles of Fortune collects ten years of comics by Coco Picard, crafted into an idiosyncratic and moving story of loss, friendship and empowerment.

Through her non-adventures, Fortuna—the greatest super hero in the world—collects a menagerie of friends, including a nosy Mountain, a gregarious crocodile, a loner moth, and a singing goldfish! But is Fortuna’s existence just her alter-ego, Edith May’s way of avoiding a much needed confrontation with death?

The Chronicles of Fortune was published in April 2017, was nominated for a Best Small Press Award from the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo, and was on the 2018 Best American Comics Notable Titles List.

Free Comics

2020 & 2021: Radiator Comics teamed up with Black Josei Press to co-publish Sun and Sand Comic Anthology! Each issue features over 10 new comics by South Florida cartoonists about the region. Check them out at https://sunsandcomics.wordpress.com

comic cover, a rabbit having trouble with a newspaper crossword puzzle
2019: Radiator Comics published Crossword Caper a comic Neil Brideau drew as part of his Crossword Caper comics workshop.

purple comic cover, composite of a water cooler and a superhero flying against the night sky
2017: Radiator Comics published Weekend Routines, by Coco Picard. It was a favorite chapter of ours that was edited out of The Chronicles of Fortune.

Radiator Comics is run by Neil Brideau who makes his own minicomics, which can be ordered here.