Happy Birthday!

Today is Radiator Comics’ 365th day. That means tomorrow is Radiator Comics’ first birthday! Over the past year, we’ve sold over 1,000 comics by 40 amazing comics artists, and we had a lot of fun doing it! Over the next few months you’ll see us adding more artists, as well as new titles by the folks we already distribute. We’re also laying out the pages for the first book we’re publishing, which should be out in the fall for your tiny paws and eyes to enjoy.

At Radiator Comics’ launch party last year, Ezra Claytan Daniels suggested to me that Radiator offer a subscription service, in which we curate a monthly bundle of comics. and mail them to subscribers. A no-hassle comic-of-the-month style vehicle to get new comics you may have never thought to pick up yourself. I thought it would be fitting for Radiator Comics to launch such a service on our first anniversary, so today we’re introducing the Radiator Pack!

You determine the size and length of your subscription, and Radiator Comics does the rest, selecting awesome comics from our catalog, and stuffing the envelopes with extra goodies! Check it out & sign up today (or tomorrow if you want to wish us a happy birthday)!

I want to take a minute and express my gratitude to everyone who has supported Radiator Comics, from my friends and family, the artists I distribute, and the stores, individuals and institutions that have found great comics through Radiator! Often those roles overlap, and that makes me very happy. Thanks for helping me pursue my dream of being a part of this odd-ball corner of the universe!