Like a Letter From a Friend

We were beside ourselves with excitement and joy when we received a shipment of Miranda Harmon’s latest publication, Sketch Zine Twenty-Seventeen in the mail! In this new zine, Miranda mixes great doodles of tigers in the jungle, fun character designs, and quick autobiographical comics. The freedom a sketchbook provides to say whatever you want is on full display here, and we feel privileged to come along for the ride!

Pick it up to-hoo-daaaaaayyyyyy!

Whit Taylor

Fresh and New Like a Paleta

We’re so excited to add the first issue of Whit Taylor’s new series, Fizzle! We love Whit’s narrative style, with understated dialog, subtle details, fully realized characters, and stunning moments. At once cinematic and literary, Whit weaves great slow-burning stories. In this new series, Claire is a young transplant to California, where she works a maddening retail job, and hangs out with her stoner boyfriend. Many seeds of discontent are planted in this first issue, and we’re impatiently looking forward to how they grow in subsequent chapters!

Whit’s been getting some press recently for her debut graphic novel, Ghost Stories from Rosarium Publishing!

Whit was recently interviewed by Julian Lytle on his podcast, Ignorant Bliss, by Zach Soto & Mike Dawson for their podcast, Process Party, and by Meg Lemke for Publishers Weekly!

Alec LongstrethJon Chad
Drop Target Zine by Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth

High Score!

We loved carrying Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth’s Drop Target Zines. They were full of positive energy and enthusiasm, and also got really nerdy about all sorts of details related to pinball. Reading these zines got us into pinball, and we were lucky enough to have Alec give us a personal crash course in playing the game last year.

We’re super excited that Jon & Alec have released the Drop Target Omnibus, a 540-page behemoth of a book, collecting all seven issues of the original zine, plus over 100 pages of bonus matrerials, including new dream machines, interviews, comics, and t-shirt and poster designs! If you dig pinball, you’re going to really love the Drop Target Omnibus; and if you really love the Drop Target Omnibus, you’ll be happy to hear Jon and Alec consider this the first, but not the last publication from Drop Target Publishing. So stay tuned for future pinball publications!

New Comics in the New Year

We’re back! Happy New Year!

This week we’re adding David Alvarado’s new minicomic Today Will Be Better. This short story about pathetic lives intersecting is a fun little read. If you’re a fan of David’s comics, it’s a real treat!

We can’t talk long this week, we’ve got big plans for 2018 we’ve been working on, and have to get back to it. See you next week with a 540-page book!

John Porcellino

90 days in the life of John P.

It’s Tuesday! It’s time for a new comic! We’re huge fans of John Porcellino, his comics, his distro [Spit & A Half], and his self! We’re really happy to add his latest title, South Beloit Journal [published by Uncivilized Books] to our catalog! It’s a collection of diary comics from 2011, depicting his mood and everyday life from that spring. If you’re a fan of John Porcellino, you’ll love this comic!

On a personal note, I had a lot of fun seeing all the other comics artists and events that make an appearance, including his exhibiting at the Chicago Zine Fest [which I helped organize and is opening up registration for their ninth annual festival (in May) on January 14th], a visit to Quimby’s Bookstore [where I was working], and crashing with my good friend Cara Bean [who let me & Kenan Rubenstein crash with 5 months later, which is how we became friends]!

We hope your holidays are going well! We’re shipping comics through the 28th [then we’re off for New Years!], so keep placing orders, and we’ll get them out the door ASAP!