Upgrade Soul vol 3

We have come to expect great things from Ezra Claytan Daniels, and his skills as a science fiction comics maker. We are so excited to add the third and final volume of his series, Upgrade Soul to our catalog! This volume is full of mysteries, strange theories, machinations, exciting twists, and an ending that will leave you in suspense until the last page.

This volume doesn’t officially debut until June 10th, when Ezra will be exhibiting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, but you can get copies early through Radiator Comics! We also have plenty of copies of volumes 1 & 2, and we strongly recommend picking them all up!

Going Places thumbprint

Going Places

Mike Centeno’s new issue of his Futile series debuted at TCAF earlier this month, and now we have it! Whether its a tyrannical despot who is escaping earth after making it inhospitable (and taking all of his inhospitable qualities with him), or the author himself feeling caught in between a his biological home and his adopted home, Futile comics deals with themes of finding a home away from home!

Mike will be exhibiting at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo June 10 & 11th!

Penina Gal
Orbiting by Penina Gal

Satellites of Love

Penina Gal debuted Orbiting at this past week’s Toronto Comics Art Fest, and now it’s available on Radiator Comics for those of us who couldn’t make it to TCAF!

This comic is heafty! 60 pages, full of lush risograph inks, and loaded with an emotional, poetic story about friendship, loneliness, depression, and support. We strongly encourage you to pick up this significant comic by Penina.

If you missed TCAF, but want to get Orbiting from Penina in person, they’ll be at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo in less than a month!

Jeff Zwirek

Jeff Zwirek’s Panther

This week we’re adding a sticker and print of Jeff Zwirek’s gorgeous panther design! It’s a great winding design, and you can frame it to hang on your wall, or slap it up on the nearest lamp post!

Jeff is one of the founding organizers for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, which is about a month away! We’re really excited, as we’re also deeply involved in the planning for it, and it will feature a multitude of artists Radiator Comics distributes:
Ben Passmore is a special guest this year, and will be on a panel about Comics and Resistance, along with Isabella Rotman, Leila Abdelrazaq, and Bianca Xunise!
Marnie Galloway will be moderating a panel on Maximalism with Jesse Jacobs, Ron Regé Jr, and Lale Westvind!
Radiator Comics wont have a table this year, but Ben, Isabella, Leila, and Marnie will all be exhibiting along with…
Sarah Becan! Mike Centeno! Sage Coffey! Bobby Sims! Kevin Czap! Ezra Claytan Daniels! Penina Gal! Cathy Hannah! Luke Howard! Coco Picard! John Porcellino! Keiler Roberts! Marian Runk! and our friends at Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, and Yeti Press!

PLUS! CAKE will have a table dedicated to comics by CAKE staff and volunteers, including Jeff Zwirek, Jessica Campbell, Mike Freiheit, and Neil Brideau! Mark Your calendars! June 10 & 11!

Rachel DukesIsabella RotmanFelines and Sirens thumbprintFelines and Sirens thumbprint

Felines and Sirens

This week we have the privilege of adding the fourth issue in the Frankie Comics tetralogy, and a new printing of Isabella Rotman’s Siren School!

Frankie Comics are a super cute collection of comics by Rachel Dukes about an adorable cat who gets into every-day antics a young cat might….you know, chasing objects, knocking objects over, barfing on objects. Cute cat stuff! Rachel’s comics are charming and fun.

A less-safe form of charming are the sirens that populate Isabella Rotman’s Siren School, which Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club has reprinted in a larger, full color version. These mermaids will lure sailors to their briny deaths by getting them to explain the plots to Star Wars, or look at their car that seems to be making funny noises!

CHICAGO! Are you going to the Chicago Zine Fest this weekend?! If not? Why the heck not?! It’s an annual free event that celebrates self-publishing, and it’s great! There are readings Friday night [including a reading by Sage Coffey], and a huge exhibition hall on Saturday. Neil will be on a Quimby’s Bookstore panel from 12:15 – 1:15, and there will be hundreds of amazing comics and zines to pick up and treasure! Did I mention it’s all FREE?!