Hey! It’s Neil from Radiator Comics. Starting June 21st, I’ll be slightly nomadic for six weeks, which means updates to the Radiator Catalog might be a little more sporadic (though we’ll definitely be adding new titles!), and our inventory of each title will be lower. There might also be slight delays in getting orders out the door.


You should still order comics if you are interested, and I’ll get them in the mail as quickly as possible!
I’ll mostly be back in Chicago for July. I’ll also be spending a week as an artist in residence at ACRE in southern Wisconsin!
Radiator Comics will be tabling at the Urban Garden Night Market in Chicago on July 28th! Come out and say hi!
I’ll be back in Miami at the beginning of August, with our full inventory, and a lot of fun announcements about upcoming projects and events!

Marnie Galloway

More and more!

This past weekend was the 7th annual Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, where we had the distinct honor of tabling just a few feet away from Marnie Galloway. She debuted her new comic, Slightly Plural at CAKE, and we are now pleased as punch to have copies in our catalog! It’s a great collection of comics about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, and it should be on everyone’s to-read list, regardless of your baby-making status!

We want to extend a deep deep thank you to everyone who made our trip to Chicago for CAKE an amazing one! The organizers of the show put on a seamless event, and deserve a long vacation. The attendees were plentiful and enthusiastic, including a few folks we spoke to who were new to the world of alternative and independently published comics. It was a real treat to chat with so many super talented and wonderfully kind comics artists, and as we’ve been reading the comics we picked up, we’ve been blown away by every single one of them. Big thanks to Aaron Renier who tabled with us! He’s great, his comics are great, and if we had the time, we’d start the Aaron Renier Fan Club.

Leslie Perrine
Where You Lead by Leslie Perrine

More Questions than Answers

This week we add Leslie Perrine’s beautiful zine, Where You Lead to our catalog! This full-color accordion-fold zine features custom hand-painted elements, and a hand-written poem…making each copy its own unique art object. It’s full of beautiful illustrations of desert wildlife with a haunting accompanying poem.

Leslie debuted Where You Lead at the Chicago Zine Fest two weekends ago, and if anyone in Chicago was sad they missed it there, you can stop by the Radiator Comics table at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this weekend (June 2 & 3), ’cause we’ll have copies with us there! Aaron Renier will be joining us behind the table, and Coco Picard might also make an appearance at some point! Also at CAKE will be these artists Radiator Comics distributes:
Ann Xu
Ben Passmore
Cathy Hannah
David Alvarado
Georgia Webber
Isabella Rotman
Jeff Zwirek
Jessica Campbell
John Porcellino
Kevin Czap
Luke Howard
Marian Runk
Marnie Galloway
Mike Centeno
Mike Freiheit
Penina Gal
Sage Coffey
Sarah Becan

Katherine Brideau, PhD

More Maps More Diversion

Kate Brideau has a new issue of Maps & Diversion, and we’re really excited to have copies for you! Sometimes whimsical, sometimes creepy, sometimes mysteriously analytical, this zine is packed full of strange drawings, graphs, maps, and doodles!

We had a great time at the Chicago Zine Fest this past weekend, and we want to extend a warm thanks to the organizers, attendees, volunteers, friends, buddies, loved ones and pals we got to see this past weekend. We took a total of zero photos, so there’s absolutely no proof we were there. BUT! If you want to see us with your own eyes in Chicago, come out to the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo June 2 & 3! We’ll have awesome comics, and be having a ton of fun back in our old hometown.

Marnie GallowayPenina Gal


This week we’re adding THREE reprints to our catalog: Penina Gal & Betsey Swardlick’s Glamera No. 1 (now printed in HOT PINK!), Marnie Galloway’s Mare Cognitum, published by So What? Press, and Ben Passmore’s Daygloayhole No. 1, published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club!

This weekend we’ll be at the 9th Annual Chicago Zine Fest! While we will have a few comics with us, we’ll be letting our zines take center stage. Stop by and say hi! We’ll be at table B13!