Jessica Campbell

Laugh and Cry

Jessica Campbell is known for her hilarious and biting comics that make you laugh out loud and think critically about how messed up life is at the same time. This week we’re so happy to add four examples of Jessica’s skills as a humorist.
JC’s Way recounts moments in Jessica’s childhood growing up in an Evangelical/Pentecostal/Charismatic church. Ten Most Incestuous Royals collects comics about art Jessica drew for the online arts magazine, Hyperallergic. My Erotic Life No’s 1 and 2 collect guffaw-enducing comics about Jessica’s life that hold a mirror up to our strange 21st century states of being!

You will love these comics!

Penina GalHappy Election Day (we hope)! thumbprintDave OrtegaHappy Election Day (we hope)! thumbprintWhit Taylor

Happy Election Day (we hope)!

Hi hi hi! Happy Election day! Any day folks get to vote is a good day in our book. Speaking of books, we’ve got two comics from Penina Gal that we’ve added to our catalog!

Limp Wrist is a comic Penina made with Scout Wolfcave on in 2014, adapting an essay by Scout about the abuse and transmisogyny she experienced as a kid assigned male at birth. Limp Wrist was published by Paper Rocket Minicomics!

Drift is Penina’s newest comic, and continues an exploration of issues of mental health they started in Orbiting! This time, Penina’s focus is on just that, focus, or in their case a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. What it means to be labeled with a “disorder,” and the work they’ve done to live with ADHD.

Picking up both of these comics (Orbiting too!) is a great combination on societal expectations, violence, and self care. These titles don’t hold back, but are quite nuanced in their telling.

If you’re in New York this weekend, be sure to check out Comic Arts Brooklyn this Sunday from 11:00am – 7:00pm! We wont be there, but Ann Xu, Dave Ortega, Mike Centeno, and Whit Taylor will all be exhibiting, and their comics are all fantastic! Don’t miss out! More information at

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Rosita Gets Scared by Vicko Alvarez

Documenting Emotions

We’re thrilled to welcome Vicko Alvarez to the roster of artists we distro by adding her latest comic, Rosita Gets Scared, and its Spanish edition, Rosita Se Asusta to our catalog! Vicko’s comic is an engaging and empathic comic and activity book about an child who is undocumented, and the fear she feels about other people’s reactions to her immigration status. It’s a great resource for young readers to express how they feel, and think about how others feel as well.

We were lucky enough to have Vicko hang out at our table at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, where she had some wonderful prints. She talked to us a little bit about her future plans for comics, and we can’t wait to read them and get them into your hands!

This Saturday, November 3rd in Seattle, the annual independent comics and art festival, Short Run, will take place! We loved our visit to Short Run last year, and are tremendously jealous of everyone who will walk through their doors this year. If you’re going, be sure to visit Whit Taylor, who is a Special Guest this year, as well as Ashley Robin Franklin, Ben Passmore, Greg Means, Kazimir Strzepek, and Liz Prince who are all exhibiting in the city of rain [that’s its nickname right?]! For all the Short Run info, visit

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This week we’ve added Luke Howard’s newest zine, Abandon Ship III to our catalog! It collects a few short comics essays and some interstitial drawings into a fun self-contained zine. Most of the comics are lighthearted, even when they’re dealing with serious subjects like white exotification of black bodies.

This upcoming weekend is the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, a free two-day festival of cool comics in Boston! Jessica Campbell, Jon Chad, Mike Freiheit, Neil Brideau, and Penina Gal will all be there! Jon will be teaching a comics-making workshop on Sunday at 1:30pm, Neil will be moderating a panel about comics collectives and micro-presses at 2:00pm, and Jessica will be on a panel about R. Crumb through the lens of race and gender at 3:30pm! All the information you need is at