Worms worms everywhere thumbprint

Worms worms everywhere

Mike Centeno packs so much into each of his tiny short stories, and even if he wears his intentions on his sleeves, he backs it up with a ton of information to provide a deeper read than what’s on the surface. This week we’re happy to add his latest installment of his series, Futile Comics. I happened to be in the studios of Spudnik Press when Mike was screen printing these covers, which was a while ago…this story has been swimming in his veins for a while…but it’s a timely story about harassment and how we treat each other in an increasingly self-centered world.

If you’re in Miami this Sunday, we’ll be tabling at the Miami Flea Holiday Bazaar from 1 – 6pm. Come get all your holiday shopping done! [More information here!]

“Less Than A Year Ago, Our World Was Destroyed…” thumbprint

“Less Than A Year Ago, Our World Was Destroyed…”

Is there a name for the small sub-genre of fantasy that features no human characters? The Dark Crystal? Mrs. Frisbee And the Rats of NIMH? Vattu? I’m not sure why I’m personally drawn to these tales that completely ignore the creatures that created it. When I first got into self-publishing my own comics, and exhibiting and volunteering at comics festivals, Kazimir Strzepek’s The Mourning Star stood out to me as a remarkable body of work. It captured my imagination with its entirely invented world, interlacing narratives and mysteries galore. It also inspired me to work on my own other-worldly comic series.

As you can imagine, it’s a real honor for me to add the first two volumes of Kaz’s epic adventure series to the Radiator Comics catalog! Come join us in a world of swashbuckling sword fights, ghosts that eat dreams, assassins, ambushes, despotic gangs, shady children, mysterious travelers, giant killer bugs, and the most delightfully gruesome cartoon deaths in all the land!

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Portraits In A City

This week we’re adding Bobby Sims’ series, Tin Crown to our catalog. These comics – The Affluent Sobriety and Walking Interference focus on young residents in a modern city. Bobby’s storytelling style is flowing, while his drawings are heavily influenced by a rigid design-sense. Check them out!

Also, if you’re in New Orleans, check out NOCAZ this upcoming weekend! It’s a great comics & zine fest at the central library, and features such awesome artists as Ben Passmore, and Isabella Rotman. Ben and Luke Howard are two of NOCAZ’s organizers, so you know it’s going to be great!

PLUS! If you’re in Chicago, TBR @ Gallery 350 is hosting an opening Thursday evening for their art show, Graphic Content, which includes works by Coco Picard! [More info here.]

AND! If you’re in Miami, Neil Brideau will be tabling as Radiator Comics at Miami Flea on Sunday afternoon! Come say hi!

Cara’s Comics Can Help!

Everyone’s comics buddy, Cara Bean, is back with two new comics designed to help you!

Why Draw? investigates both why you should draw, and how to overcome any fears you might have about drawing!

Snake Pit explores adolescent depression and suicide with information that will help readers understand it, and deal with it in healthy ways.

Both comics are drawn with love and caring, and compliment each other really well!

If you are in New York City this weekend, check out Comic Arts Brooklyn! It features tons of amazing comics artists including Whit Taylor, Marnie Galloway, Mike Freiheit, Mike Centeno, Jen Tong, Jessica Campbell, and Kevin Czap!

If you’re in South Florida this weekend, check out the Small Press Fair in Ft. Lauderdale, where Neil Brideau will be tabling as Radiator Comics in their Zine Dunes section!

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About Cats And Books

This week we’ve added two collections! Frankie Comics No’s 1-4 Collected [SPX Special Edition] by Rachel Dukes & Browse, Illustrated Reconstructions of Books Shoppers & Other Bookstore Dwellers by Mike Centeno!

In September, Rachel Dukes teamed up with Silver Sprocket to print a limited-edition collection of the first four issues of Frankie Comics for the Small Press Expo. Rachel sent us some of the remaining stock. The individual issues are out of print (though we have a few copies of no’s 3 & 4 remaining), and Rachel intends to print a more permanent collection in 2018. In the meantime there’s this signed & hand-numbered zine collection that will make the most die-hard dog person a fan of cats.

When he’s not making comics, drawing illustrations, or recording music, Mike Centeno’s day job is at our favorite store (and previous employer), Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago. Mike has collected a series of portraits of “typical” patrons to the store in a fun little zine.

In festival news, we’re finally done unpacking from MICE…and now have to pack up for Short Run! We’ll be in Seattle for this much-praised festival this Saturday, November 4th. So wipe off that Halloween makeup, and come visit us at table F:34! More info here!