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Vanguishing Authoritarian Dragons!

Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club is putting out some great comics lately, and while we’re waiting on Rachel Dukes’ next volume of Frankie Comics, we’ll gladly take No Gods. No Dungeon Masters, which Rachel made with writer, Io. Enjoy! NGNDM was originally published in Ninth Art Press’ Anthology, Subcultures, edited by Whit Taylor.

If you missed the news last week, Radiator Comics has sent the first book we’re publishing to the printer! Coco Picard’s The Chronicles of Fortune is in production, and we expect to receive the books in April! You can preorder a copy now, and we’ll mail them out as soon as we get them in. The first 100 copies will include an original drawing by Coco, and a set of pin-back buttons featuring the main characters from the book! Don’t delay, some other limited-edition preorder rewards have already sold out, and we expect the original drawings to sell out as well.

We’re taking a week off to recharge our batteries, and visit family. Any orders placed between 5pm Tuesday 3/14/17 and Wednesday 3/22/17 will ship Thursday, Wednesday 3/23/17.

Caroline Picard

Preorder The Chronicles of Fortune!

Radiator Comics is proud to announce The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard is available for preorder.

The Chronicles of Fortune follows the life of a depressed and ineffectual super hero, Fortuna, and her alter-ego Edith-May as they spend a night on Alcatraz, discover a talking mountain in their apartment, befriend a crying crocodile, and get swindled into buying a $100 goldfish for its alleged singing abilities. This 400-page graphic novel combines material previously published as a series of minicomics, and new chapters to tell a story of loss, depression, friendship and renewal.

Coco Picard is the pen name of Caroline Picard an, artist, publisher and curator. Coco’s work has appeared in such publications as Tender Journal, Projecttile, Diner Journal, Everyday Genius, and Bicycle Review, and she has contributed multiple graphic adaptations to the The Graphic Canon project (Seven Stories Press). Coco’s alter-ego, Caroline is the Executive Director of The Green Lantern Press, a nonprofit publishing house, and Co-Director of Sector 2337, a hybrid artspace/bar/bookstore in Chicago, IL. http://cocopicard.com

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The Secret Life of Things thumbprint

The Secret Life of Things

Since the start of the year, we’ve been on a roll adding new Chicago-based comics artists to our roster. This week we’re welcoming Bobby Sims by adding two of his minicomics to our catalog, Slam Dunks and Fridge Zone!

In these two comics, Bobby imagines strange new behaviors of objects we take for granted. Houses, trains, vegetables, and leftovers. Bobby’s background in design and printing shines through the way he builds his comics, both in his stories, and the physical books themselves.

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Migraine Hell by Leila Abdelrazaq

Migraine Hell, Comics Heaven

We’re really excited to welcome Leila Abdelrazaq to Radiator Comics this week! We’re a big fan of Leila’s comics, so we’re honored to be able to help get them out in the world. Leila’s comics don’t shy away from complicated or controversial subject matter, such as refugees, displacement and home, and family life under occupation. If you need an indication has to how great Leila’s comics are, she’s currently sold out of all but one of her comics! So we’re starting off with her personal account of what it’s like to have a migraine, Migraine Hell. We look forward to carrying more of her comics in the future!

Leila also runs a great distro called Big Mouth Comix, where she works to promote the comics from artists who are part of the Middle Eastern and Northern African diaspora. Check it out and buy some comics from her!