Luke Howard!

Hey! We’ve just added comics by Luke Howard, who we have been a fan of for a while! He’s an amazing illustrator (he makes some amazing animated gifs), and his comics capture big ideas in tightly crafted tales. We strongly encourage you to check out Luke’s comics!

Luke is currently working on a series, Dead-End Rob, a funny and fun indictment on how the work-day grind damages our souls. We also have his short story -about an astronaut who feels untethered until he leaves earth’s orbit- Extragalactic, which received an honorable mention in the Comic Workbook Composition Competition last year.


Caroline Picard
The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard

The Chronicles Of Fortune Is Here!

We are so excited to announce The Chronicles of Fortune, Coco Picard’s debut graphic novel (and Radiator Comics’ first publishing project) is back from the printer! It’s a real-live book you can hold in your hands, and clocking in at 408 pages, it’s one you can really sink your teeth into! You can order your copy of the book today! Preordered copies start shipping today! Copies are available in stores in Chicago (Quimby’s, Chicago Comics, Challengers & Sector 2337), and are enroute to Buffalo (Gutter Pop Comics), San Francisco (Mission: Comics & Art), and Boston (Trident Booksellers & Cafe)!

We’ve also added a new minicomic by Coco, A Meditation on Light and Land, a poetic comic that combines the texts from the science fiction novel, Solaris, accounts from the Trinity atomic bomb test, photographs of a nuclear explosion, and artifacts from the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A powerful comic that is simultaneously abstract and narrative, its haunting pages will linger in your mind.

Do you want to pick up these comics from us in person? We’ll be tabling at the Revolution Craft Show this Sunday at The Revolution Tap Room in our Chicago neighborhood of Avondale! [Facebook event here.]

We’d smuggle this comic anywhere. thumbprintCaroline Picard

We’d smuggle this comic anywhere.

We just got back from our trip to Denver, Colorado for DINK, so we’re a little late getting this week’s title up, but the wait is worth it. Leila Abdelrazaq’s Smuggling Books Across The Border is a zine illustrating moments in her visit to the 2015 Palestine Festival of Literature. It may be pretty short, but it packs a big punch, as each drawing will haunt your thoughts for days.

We’re also excited to announce we are hours away from receiving the first book Radiator Comics is publishing, The Chronicles of Fortune by Coco Picard! There’s still time to preorder the book, but not much time, so don’t delay!!

Teenage Memories thumbprintAlec LongstrethMike FreiheitTeenage Memories thumbprintCaroline Picard
Dirty Hands by David Alvarado

Teenage Memories

David Alvarado is an accomplished illustrator, and has a knack for writing short stories. We’re excited to welcome him and his comics to Radiator this week! Check out his sketchbook, Dirty Hands, and both volumes of Life Is Beautiful, in which he tells tales of awkward situations involving sketchy characters!

This weekend Radiator Comics will be in Colorado for DINK, Denver’s independent comic and art festival! We’ll have comics by Bobby Sims, Coco Picard, Danielle O’Malley, Isabella Rotman, Jaclyn Miller, Leila Abdelrazaq, Luke Howard, Marnie Galloway, Penina Gal, Neil Brideau, Sage Coffey, Sam Sharpe, Sarah Becan, and Whit Taylor!

Alec Longstreth is a featured guest at DINK, and he’ll be presenting a CCS one-page comics workshop with Beth Hetland on Saturday at 3:00pm!

Mike Freiheit will be at DINK, drawing your dad as Batman!

Neil Brideau will be on a panel about small press publishing, called Make The Art You Want To See on Saturday at 2:15pm!

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Alec LongstrethCaroline Picard

D.I.Y. till we D.I.E.

From the shores of Maine to the deserts of New Mexico, we’re welcoming new collections of previously-published comics by Liz Prince and Alec Longstreth!

Liz’s Be Your Own Backing Band collects a ton of comics about punk music, which were published on If You Make It* and in Razorcake! This book is published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club!

Alec’s Phase 7 No. 023 collects a ton of comics from anthologies, plus a pretty punk-rock story of turning a skeptic onto the magic of Harry Potter!

Fun trivia…Liz and Alec are good friends, and their mutual friend, craft-genius, Claire Sanders makes cameos in both Be Your Own Backing Band and Phase 7 No. 023!

Liz has a brand new comic out from Boom!Box!, Coady and the Creepies! Check it out!

Alec, Liz’s publisher (Silver Sprocket), and Radiator Comics will all be at DINK, in Denver, CO April 8 & 9! Alec will be presenting a comics-making workshop, and Radiator & Silver Sprocket will be on a small-press publishing panel!
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