Upgrade Soul by Ezra Claytan Daniels

Unparalleled Science Fiction

It’s tough to think of someone who’s writing better unsettling science fiction comics than Ezra Claytan Daniels. We’re thrilled to carry copies of the collected edition of Ezra’s Upgrade Soul, published by Lion Forge! It’s a powerful, suspenseful, and troubling comic about humanity, personhood, and technology.

Possibly even more exciting for us are the other two titles Ezra sent us: Pressure, and A Vessel In Drift. Pressure collects two short science fiction stories, one a grim prose piece that fits perfectly in our time of climate collapse and white supremacy, and the other, an entertaining comic about anthropocentrism, which was originally on Homeroom’s Instagram account. A Vessel in Drift is a cosmic comic that evokes the gold plaque on Pioneers 10 and 11 or the golden record on the Voyager probes!

Brutal Noodles thumbprintPenina Gal

Brutal Noodles

Today is the day! We’re excited to officially welcome Betsey Swardlick to our roster of artists with her collection of short comics, Spaghetti Punch No. 1! We’ve been big fans for a long time, and have had some of her comics in our catalog for a while, as she is the coauthor of the Glamera series with Penina Gal! Spaghetti Punch brings that same energy and humor and burning core of sincerity you found in Glamera No’s. 1 & 2!

New Stories

Merry Christmas! Our gift to you is Viewotron No. 1 by Sam Sharpe & Peach S. Goodrich! It’s a 50-page comic packed to the gills with short stories that will tickle your brain and your funny bone, make you think thoughts and feel feelings! This issue is published by AdHouse Books, and it is beautiful. Don’t let that number one fool you, this is not a reprint, this is not a collection of previously published comics, these are new comics! [editor’s note: a very short print run of a draft version of this comic was self-published as Viewotron No. 3 but was only available at the 2017 Small Press Expo]

Thanks to everyone who supported Radiator Comics in 2018, whether you bought comics, drew comics, read comics, promoted comics on social media, or had a good conversation with us at a festival this year. We’ll be back on January 1st with a brand new artist for our roster, and some comics we’ve loved for years and years! We hope you have a wonderful holiday week, and a safe and festive New Years Eve!

Mike Freiheit
Monkey Chef A Love Story by Mike Freiheit

A Love Story

We’ve been a fan of Mike Freiheit and his comics for a while now, and we were really excited to see his book, Monkey Chef, A Love Story published this year by Kilgore Books! We’re happy to add Mike’s book to our catalog! It’s a beautiful story with beautiful art and a solid book to sink your teeth into.

While we can’t guarantee delivery before December 24th anymore, if you’re interested in getting this book for someone on your gift list, we will do our best to get your order out the door as quickly as possible, and then we’ll pray to the USPS gods to deliver your order in a timely manner.

Thanks to everyone who has included Radiator Comics as a source for your gifts this year!