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Witch Haven By Jen Tong

Magical Comics!

We’re back from the Small Press Expo, where we got more comics from Jen Tong! All About Flower Girl, Forest Tales No. 2, and Ladies in the Wild are back in stock, and we’re pleased to tell you we have a new mini from Jen, Witch Haven! It’s a charming wordless comic that’s beautifully drawn and printed! If you’re a fan of Jen’s work, you’ll want Witch Haven!

SPX was a ton of fun, and we want to thank SO MANY people for a wonderful weekend, especially the organizers and volunteer staff of the festival, and the artists who spent time behind the Radiator Comics table, Coco Picard, Iona Fox, Luke Howard, Whit Taylor and Yewon Kwon! We also want to congratulate Whit, who co-edited Comics For Choice, which won the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology!
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okay okay okay okay, this week we’re adding the latest minicomic by me! Neil Brideau! Hi! Your Friends Hate You So Much collects four comics I drew for free publications between 2010 and 2016, plus one brand new comic that’s been drawn and redrawn several times since 2010. It’s weird. It’s a weird comic. But it’s funny, and I hope you enjoy it!

Barring any hurricane shenanigans, we and half the population of the alternative comics community will be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD this weekend! We’ll be at table D13 hosting Coco Picard (Sat only), Iona Fox, Luke Howard, Neil Brideau, Whit Taylor, and Yewon Kwon (Sat only)! There’ll be at least three debuts (Your Friends Hate You So Much, Fizzle No. 2 by Whit, and Abandon Ship III by Luke) at our table! Fifteen other artists distributed by Radiator Comics will be tabling on their own (as shown in the gif above…click on it, it’s fun!):
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Any day we get to read John Porcellino’s King-Cat is a good day. And today is extra good because we get to add the latest issue (No. 78) to our catalog! It’s full of fun stories about John’s pets, and notes about nature!

…though it may go down as “the one with John P’s butt in it.”

This Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 8 & 9th) in Austin, TX a ton of great comics artists, including Ashley Robin Franklin will be tabling at STAPLE at the Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex! Check it out!

The following weekend (Sept. 15 & 16th) we’ll be in Bethesda, MD along with eleventy-trillion other comics artists for The Small Press Expo! More info about all those goings on next week!

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Broad Strokes and Tiny Details

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Ashley Robin Franklin to the Radiator Comics roster! We’ve enjoyed Ashley’s comics online for a few years, but finally picked some of her comics up at CAKE this year and were blown away by them! We hope you feel the same way when you get copies of her comics in the mail!

We’re starting off with four of Ashley’s comics:
Like Like, True Tales of Adolescent Romance!
Microcosm, a short story about love and growing apart.
On The Inside, a frightening Halloween horror comic!
Three Stories, a collection of short comics that are thematically connected.

In other news, the Ignatz Award Nominations were announced yesterday. We’re super happy for Whit Taylor, whose anthology she co-edited (with Hazel Newlevant & 0.K. Fox), Comics For Choice was nominated for Outstanding Anthology! We’re also happy to see that Leila Abdelrazaq & Kevin Czap were selected to be jurors for the awards this year! Two series Kevin helps publish, Ley Lines (with L. Nichols) & Bug Boys by Laura Knetzger! Congratulations to all the nominees & jurors! We’ll be excited to congratulate the winners at the Ignatz Award ceremony, Saturday, September 15th at the Small Press Expo!

Ben Passmore

Reprint the Apocalypse!

Ben Passmore has reprinted his first two issues of Daygloayhole, and is working on issue three as we speak! We love this series, so we’re excited to get copies of the reprint of issue 2! It’s published by Silver Sprocket, and features new guest art in the back by Luke Howard and Kevin Czap!

If you’re not familiar with Ben’s series, you are in for a real treat! Ben uses a post-apocalyptic landscape to take a critical eye toward modern capitalism, gentrification, relationships, and his role within them. It’s insightful, funny, honest, and a ton of fun to read!