Four wheels, two hearts thumbprint

Four wheels, two hearts

This week we’re excited to add Natalie Dupille’s travelogue graphic novel, In Spite of Ourselves to our online catalog! This comic hooked us by page four and only tightened its grip on our feelings as we continued to read it! Natalie sets moods through effective use of watercolor, and presents an unblinking portrait of the physical and emotional work Natalie and her partner, Allie put into their four-day bikepack trip in the Pacific Northwest!

This past Saturday at our pop-up shop at Locust Projects, Drew Lerman led a great workshop on drawing four-panel comic strips! Thanks to the 17 new cartoonists who showed up! Our free cartooning workshops continue this Saturday with an Animation Workshop led by Fereshteh Toosi, during which we’ll draw directly on 16mm film, splice it together, and screen the results at the end!

We’re also excited to announce Fizzle No. 3 by Whit Taylor will be released on January 28th! You can subscribe to Fizzle, and be the first to read the new issue. You can also ask your favorite local shop to get in touch with us for copies!

John Porcellino

New King-Cat for a New Year!

It seems only fitting that the first update in the new year is the 30th anniversary issue of John Porcellino’s King-Cat Comics & Stories! We loved issue 79, which is bursting with comics, including a 4-page comic by guest artist Gabrielle Bell!!!

Our pop-up shop at Locust Projects is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00am to 5:00pm. This Saturday we’re hosting a free comic workshop facilitated by Drew Lerman (Snake Creek)! He’ll teach you how to start a four-panel comic strip and how to make it a regularly occurring part of your art practice! More information on Eventbrite!

Lastly, we’re excited to announce we’re teaming up with Black Josei Press to publish Sun and Sand Comic Anthology, a free comic to be distributed in May around South Florida! We’re looking for submissions from South Florida artists to make new comics about the region! Take a look at our submission form at

Have a Happy New Year! thumbprint

Have a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone! We’re moving from one year to the next, and from one decade to the next. It seems only fitting that this week we would add six volumes of prehistoric wonder to our catalog! We’re thrilled to welcome Estrella Vega to the roster of artists whose comics we distribute, and to add her series, The Paleozoic & The Mesozoic to our catalog. These hardcover books are actually accordion-fold prints that unfold and connect into a 51-foot continuous illustration spanning 341 million years of evolution of life on our planet! The reverse side is chock full of information about each era!

Start with the Cambrian, and read on through the Triassic!

These books are great for young science-curious kids and for art collectors looking for inventive ways of presenting a book! The genius idea to make the entire project one continuous image helps illustrate the true nature of time and evolution on our planet, that we don’t exist in just one time, but rather within a flow of time.

Speaking of time, it’s almost time for our pop-up to reopen when Locust Projects does at 11:00am on January 2nd! We’re there through February 8th, and we’ll be presenting free Saturday morning cartooning workshops, which you can read all about on our events page!

Welcome to Star Valley, GA thumbprint

Welcome to Star Valley, GA

This week we welcome Audra Stang to our roster of artists whose comics we distribute! We picked up her comic series, The Audra Show at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair in October and we were so happy we did. You’ll delight in Audra’s vibrant colors, line work full of life, humor, and character-driven storytelling!

We hope you’re having a great holiday week, we’re not traveling at all, just recharging during a quiet week here in Miami. Our pop-up shop is closed until January 2nd, but our online catalog is open, and we’ll ship orders with our normal speed, so please feel free to place orders (wouldn’t you love to get a bundle of comics in the mail??)!

Kevin Czap
Four Years Collected vol. 1 by Kevin Czap

Watching Home Bloom

This week we’re adding Four Years Collected vol. 1 by Kevin Czap! We love this beautiful love letter to community and friendship and personal growth. We think you’ll revisit its pages many times!

Our Pop-Up Shop at Locust Projects in conjunction with Trenton Doyle Hancock: I Made a Mound City in Miami Dade County is now officially open! Our regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11:00am to 5:00pm. We will be closed Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 & 29 this week. Otherwise, please stop by and read some comics!