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Migraine Hell by Leila Abdelrazaq

Migraine Hell, Comics Heaven

We’re really excited to welcome Leila Abdelrazaq to Radiator Comics this week! We’re a big fan of Leila’s comics, so we’re honored to be able to help get them out in the world. Leila’s comics don’t shy away from complicated or controversial subject matter, such as refugees, displacement and home, and family life under occupation. If you need an indication has to how great Leila’s comics are, she’s currently sold out of all but one of her comics! So we’re starting off with her personal account of what it’s like to have a migraine, Migraine Hell. We look forward to carrying more of her comics in the future!

Leila also runs a great distro called Big Mouth Comix, where she works to promote the comics from artists who are part of the Middle Eastern and Northern African diaspora. Check it out and buy some comics from her!


The Good Stuff

This week we’re adding some good stuff to our catalog, and welcoming Mike Centeno to the Radiator Comics family! Mike’s work has a lively and casual feel, but he doesn’t shy away from tackling big, heavy issues. We’re a fan of Mike’s work and we’re excited to start with three titles of his!

We have the third and fourth issues of Mike’s one-person anthology, Futile Comics, as well as a stand-alone comic about self-worth in relation to employment (or lack thereof), Canned!

Check them out! We’ll have more comics by Mike, and the rest of the artists we represent very soon!

Like a Snake With Legs thumbprint

Like a Snake With Legs

Check it out, friends! Sage Coffey is the fiftieth artist to join the Radiator Comics roster, a we’re pleased as punch to have them!

Sage’s comics can be funny or powerfully dramatic, but they’re always compelling and charming! We’ve added Sage’s minicomic, If It Were Socially Acceptable. We know you’re going to love it as much as we do, and we look forward to whatever they self-publish next!

Wishes for Warmer Weather

It’s cold out! We think it’s the perfect time to add Jason Viola’s digital print, Sunflower, which reminds us that warmer days will visit again. Flowers will grow and do weird things. This comic originally appeared in Jason’s Fear of Flowers! The print is $20.00, and shipping within the states is just $8.00!

Chicago children, rejoice! The Forest Park Public Library’s Flipcon is back for another year or comics, cosplay, crafts and fun! We’ll be there with all of our kid- and teen-friendly comics!
Saturday, January 14, 2017
2:00 – 4:00pm
Forest Park Public Library
7555 Jackson Blvd, Forest Park, IL

See you there!

Dave Ortega

A New Issue For The New Year!

We’re starting the new year right by adding the third issue of Dave Ortega’s intimate and riveting biographical series, Dias De Consuelo to our catalog! Comprising of stories told to Dave by his Abuela, Consuelo Castañon Herrera, Dias De Consuelo is an amazing look into a civil war fought a century ago! It’s been very exciting to read the series as each issue has been released. Already, our appetite for the next chapter has begun to rumble, and we’re always happy to see Dave’s updates on social media about it.

Give yourself a New Years present, pick up all three current issues now!