Are You at Risk for "Empathy Myopia"? by Ezra Claytan Daniels

An Investigation of Privilege

This week we’re very happy to feature Ezra Claytan Daniel’s newest comic, Are You at Risk for “Empathy Myopia”? It’s a methodical essay on how nature and society have wired us to care less the more privilege we possess. Never judgemental, but unabashedly direct, Ezra uses social science and pop-culture references to frame his comic as an accessible and effective treatise on recognizing how easily we can dehumanize people outside of our in-groups.

Stories for Black and Brown Women thumbprintStories for Black and Brown Women thumbprintStories for Black and Brown Women thumbprintGreg Means

Stories for Black and Brown Women

This week we’re thrilled to add comics by writer Jamila Rowser to our catalog! We’re starting off with two titles – Wash Day (and its Spanish translated edition, Dia De Lavado), and Wobbledy 3000! Both comics are full of support and celebration of black women, each with their own unique senses of humor and challenges. We’re really happy to start distributing Jamila’s comics, and can’t wait to see what she publishes next!

Jamila and Radiator Comics will each be exhibiting at the Small Press Fair in Fort Lauderdale this Saturday, November 9th at Fat Village. SPF is free, and will feature tons of great local zinesters (plus a few out-of-towners), and tons of hands-on printing demonstrations. Check out their website

On the opposite corner of the contiguous United States, folks should visit Seattle’s Short Run festival, which is a great free comics festival! Ashley Robin Franklin, David Alvarado, Ezra Claytan Daniels, and Greg Means will all be exhibiting! All the details you need are at

Mike Freiheit

Horror and Humor

Mike Freiheit’s comics all tackle social issues of our time with humanity and great storytelling. We’re really excited to have copies of Mike’s new horror graphic novel, Woods! Set against the backdrop of the election of a powerful demagogue, a couple escapes to the woods, but they can’t escape a haunting force in their life!

We now also have copies of Go Fuck Myself Part Two: The Fuckening! This is a more blatant look at society through Mike’s eyes. He tackles his own inner turmoil through a humorous lens as he investigates the lives of Mikes throughout time.

Both of these titles are great reads we highly recommend.

We’ll be at the Pittsburgh Zine Fair this Sunday, October 27 from 12:00 – 6:00pm! It’s at the Ace Hotel and is free free free! Come out Steel City, we’d love to see you!

Caroline PicardDave OrtegaJason ViolaKevin Czap

Tales of DIY

This week we’ve added Coco Picard’s comic interview with Xander Marro and Pippi Zornoza of the feminist art collective, The Dirt Palace! It’s a fun and informative glimpse at building a DIY community art space! You can check out The Dirt Palace at

This weekend is the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in Cambridge, MA! It’s their 10th year! Congratulations MICE! Have fun this weekend! Dave Ortega & Kevin Czap will be exhibiting, and Cara Bean will be leading a workshop or two! Jason Viola is one of the organizers. If YOU are in the Boston area this weekend, we can’t recommend MICE enough! It’s great for all ages and it’s FREE!

We’ll be tabling in Miami Beach at Prism Creative Group’s Beachside BBQ Jamboree at Lummus Park! There will be music, food, and craft vendors (like us)! Admission is FREE!