Welcome back to Star Valley, GA thumbprint

Welcome back to Star Valley, GA

We’re really excited to read and distribute the fourth issue of Audra Stang’s comic series, The Audra Stang Show! Venture back to Star Valley, where there are mysteries in the old theme park’s tunnels, musical frontmen disappear for months, and fries need to be plated! If you haven’t yet, treat yourself to the entire series of Audra’s fun and very human series!

We hope your friends and family are all staying safe and staying at home as much as they can! If you need something good to read we’re here ready to mail out your orders.

Alec Longstreth
Isle of Elsi vol. 1 by Alec Longstreth

Welcome to the Isle of Elsi

What a weird time we’re living in! It’s okay to be nervous and scared, but know even if we’re all trying to stay away from each other, we’re all in this together. If you haven’t yet, reach out to your friends and loved ones near and far to see if they need help, to ask for help, or just to feel a little less alone. If you need comics, Radiator Comics can help! We are currently still shipping orders. I used to be the lunch-time kitchen manager at a restaurant, and I’m taking the same level of care packing up orders I did when I was in the food service business.

We have a new comic this week!

I’ve been waiting a while to be able to add the first volume of Alec Longstreth’s Isle of Elsi to our catalog, and the day has finally arrived! Isle of Elsi is a free webcomic for kids, the first chapter of which has been collected in a beautiful hardcover book. It’s full of fantastic adventure and a lot of wordplay! If you’ve been waiting to read Isle of Elsi until it’s in print…it’s time to stop dragon your feet, and order it today!

A New Sticker!!

Observant readers of our monthly newsletter will have noticed a fun new drawing by Sage Coffey at the bottom of our most recent correspondence. Sage designed a new sticker for us, and we think it looks amazing!

How can one get their hands on this sticker, you might ask. We’re including one or two in every order we receive, we’re including a small stack when shops place wholesale orders (so be sure to visit your favorite local shop, and encourage them to order titles from us), and we’ll have them at our table at comics and zine fests at which we’re exhibiting (MoCCA, TCAF, CAKE, mmore TBA)! We’re also shipping a handful to Sage, so be nice to them, and maybe they’ll give you a sticker too.

Last week Ryan Carey from Ryan C’s Four Color Apocalypse wrote “Whit Taylor’s Fizzle is really finding its footing as one of the outstanding naturalist comic book narratives of our time.” We agree!

Dave Ortega

More Stories of Consuelo Castañón Herrera

We’re always happy when we get new comics from Dave Ortega, who is highly skilled at telling intimate and illuminating stories about his abuela Consuelo. This week we’ve added River, a short story about Consuelo’s teen years in a town on the Rio Grande. You will get a lot out of this short comic, which resonates through time.

Today marks the start of our final week at Locust Projects! We have one last workshop this Saturday, February 8, at 11:30am, and we start packing up the shop at 5:00pm later that afternoon. We want to thank Locust Projects and Trenton Doyle Hancock for the opportunity to present small press comics and workshops in conjunction with Trenton’s exhibition, I Made A Mound City In Miami Dade County! Thanks to everyone who came out to the shop, and who attended our six free cartooning workshops!

Who Doesn’t Like Tangy?

Radiator Comics is very proud to publish the third issue of Whit Taylor’s current comic series, Fizzle! Claire is a transplant to California from New Jersey, where she has been introduced to fruit she’s never tasted before. These tangy flavors could be an avenue out of her listless life of a barista job at a tea shop, and a directionless relationship.

Fizzle No. 3 is out now, and it’s our favorite issue yet! Whit continues to build off of her patient story telling, and adds to a story that continues to develop in front of our eyes. This issue’s narrative flows smoothly from scene to scene as we jump through time, and learn a lot about Claire and her relationship with Andy.

You can order issue 3 here, ask your local shop to order copies, or sign up for a subscription to the first five issues of the series. Subscribers receive copies before anyone else, bonus materials, and discounts on shipping. Subscriptions are customizable so you can start with issue any issue number.

We only have two weeks left at our pop-up shop at Locust Projects! That means only two more free cartooning workshops. This Saturday, February 1, Neil Brideau will lead participants in drawing and submitting comics to Trubble Club’s Infinite Corpse project (participation does not guarantee your comic will appear on the website, and this workshop is not affiliated with the organizers of the project).