Viewotron: Comics and Stories No. 2 to Debut at SPX! feature

Viewotron: Comics and Stories No. 2 to Debut at SPX!

Radiator Comics is proud to announce the publication of Sam Sharpe and Peach S Goodrich’s two-person comic anthology, Viewotron: Comics and Stories No. 2, debuting at the Small Press Expo (SPX) on September 17, 2022 in Bethesda, MD.

Viewotron: Comics and Stories No. 2 features three new thoughtful, charming, and funny fictional comics by Peach and Sam.

  • Satellite and Telescope Part 1 (of 2) by Peach S Goodrich tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a 10-year old girl named Neha, and an orbital satellite.
  • What Will Be Left? by Sam Sharpe is an abecedarius about how our present culture may appear to archeologists from the distant future.
  • The Spooky Child Part 1 (of 2) by Sam Sharpe follows the mysterious adventures of two art teachers, as one of their students’ drawings foretell terrible calamities!

Two subsequent issues of Viewotron: Comics and Stories will be published by Radiator Comics, with the next issue providing the conclusions of “Satellite and Telescope” and “The Spooky Child.” The first issue of Viewotron: Comics and Stories was published in August 2018 by AdHouse Books.

Enthusiastic readers can subscribe to receive all the three issues as they are released. Subscribers save on postage, and will receive exclusive bonus items in the mail.

Sam Sharpe is a cartoonist based in Madison, WI. His comics have been nominated for Ignatz and Eisner Awards, and have been featured in Best American Comics. He is currently working on a graphic novel to be published by First Second.

Peach S Goodrich is an illustrator, animator, and musician. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, currently living in Philadelphia, Peach collaborates with Sam Sharpe on the smorgasbord comics anthology Viewotron. He also creates experimental 16mm film animations and writes music and performs with the disco-punk outfit Boston Cream.

Radiator Comics distributes self-published and small press comics by over 170 cartoonists. Viewotron: Comics and Stories is Radiator Comics’ fifth publishing project.